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Supercharge Your iPhone Home Screen Apps with Velox

May 8, 2013 — by Xin Chan1


CydiaiOS 6iPhone 5JailbreakThemes

Supercharge Your iPhone Home Screen Apps with Velox

May 8, 2013 — by Xin Chan1

As you may have heard that one of the most anticipated is Velox, which had been undergoing months of development and testing by Apex Tweaks (@ApexTweaks). It supercharges supported iOS and App Store Apps with “folder-view” for notifications or app-special functionality by swiping gestures that gives users a complete fresh experience to use their iPhones. However, Velox “folders” does not work inside normal folders. You must locate the apps to Homescreen to make it functional. Velox is now available on the BigBoss Repo for $1.99.

Here we will provide you with a walk-through on the features:

Messaging notifications

By default you are able to view incoming new messages for most of the apps that support push notifications. It is great when you don’t want to open the app itself or pull down the notification center. What’s good is that it supports major Quick Reply tweaks such as BiteSMS and QR for WhatsApp. When you click on the notification in Velox folder interface it brings up the QR pop-up window. However, it works neither with QR for Facebook Messenger nor Twitkafly.

For iOS Messages, Velox also provides functions to compose new messages and setting to enable Quick Reply. However, it is still a little bit buggy since many times the window cannot be dismissed and stays on top of the Springboard and hence I need a respring to fix it. In addition, the global setting of Velox allows you to dismiss notifications by swiping to the left. However at this stage, this still does not function in real for Messages App (somehow works for BiteSMS) and the badges will still stay.

Velox Composing MessageVelox Compose New Message

Phone and Contacts

With Velox, you are able to pull down the menu that sorts your recent calls from the Phone App. You are also able to browse and search your contacts easily as shown the picture below.

Velox ContactsVelox Phone

Music Control

The tweaks enables you to control your Music App with a sleek dropdown folder window, that shows the progress bar, album art, play/pause, forward. It is smooth as far as I have tried.

I personally use third party music app called KKBOX for music. Velox partially supports it in which I am not able to scrub to particular position of a song. However, the play, pause and skip all work fine.

Velox Music Interface

Calendar, Reminders and Notes

Velox pulls up recent 30 days of your calender items from iOS Calendar App. When you tap on specific items it will bring you directly to that calender event. It also brings up the list from the iOS Reminders App. Upon tapping it simply opens up the App itself.

Velox Calendar Interface

Furthermore, it brings up the Notes App interface that allows you to. If you find the function helpful for you, please make sure you put the Notes App in the first two rows of Home Screeen so that the keyboard will not block you from editing more row of notes.

Velox Notes


One of the most amazing features is about photos and videos. The Velox folder view integrates with your camera and you are able to take pictures and even videos easily with the window without physically starting the Camera App. You can also use all the functions of the default camera app such as flash and HDR toggles.

Velox also integrates with Photos App. You can easily tweet, upload to Facebook, email or copy your last taken photos in your camera roll.

Velox Sharing ShortcutVelox Camera Shortcut

Web browsing, Social Media, Maps and Weather

Velox opens up a web browsing window that you can open web pages by typing address. You can go forward and backwards as well.

Velox Safari

This feature also applies to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube App that allows you to assess and login to their mobile sites. It is fully functional as what you can do in Safari.

Velox YoutubeVelox Twitter

For Apple Maps, Velox will prompt a message requesting location services to be turned on so that the little browser could locate where you are on the map.

Velox Google Maps

Comparing with the above features, I like the Weather one even more. Just like what is showing below, it saves me much time to pull down the notification center and reach the weather forecast. And of course, much faster than opening an app.

Velox Yahoo Weather

These features also work well with most popular third-party apps, namely Google Chrome, Google Maps, Tweetbot, Yahoo! Weather, as you may have seen from the above screenshots.

Settings, Cydia and iFile

Another most appreciated feature is adding toggles in the folder of Settings App. Supported toggles at this moment in sequence will be DND, Wifi, LED Flash, Rotation lock, Respring, Data network, Mute, Location, Bluetooth and Airplane Mode.

For Cydia, the Velox folder looks like the Reminder one. it pulls the feeds directly from so that you are able to see any new or updated package at a quick glance.

You can also browse your root directories easily by swiping on iFile. When you tab on specific files in the explorer view, it will take you to iFile directly and opens up the menu, just like what you originally do and see inside iFile.

Velox FoldersVelox Settings Shortcut

Velox Customization

In the Preference session of Velox, as mentioned above, you are able to enable or disable bundled QR for messages. In addition, you can change the swiping gesture to your most convenient way.

Velox Customization 1Velox Customization 2

One big feature is “Always NC folder for app” that allows you to control Velox behavior over each app – whether to show Velox functions or notification folder. Say, by default it pulls up a web browse for Facebook but once you enable it, Velox will make NC view as default.

The developer has also included detailed How-to to get user familiarized with all the features. If you are new to this I would recommend you take a look at it.

Velox How ToVelox App Settings

FolderEnhancer and Infinifolders

I believe many of you use the captioned tweake to expand your folder capacity. With recent updates for FolderEnhancer (v. and Velox (v1.0.1-1), both of them enhanced compatibility with each other, as well as for Infinifolders, which I believe fixed quite a number of crash bugs.

In order to make sure you don’t get default FolderEnhancer style folder view, as mentioned in a recent tweet from @ApexTweaks, you will need to disable “Enhance Special Folders” option to make things work as what Velox should look like. If you have it enabled, the folder will look weird and you will need to press the home key to dismiss it.

Velox Experimental Settings 2Velox Experimental Settings

Incompatibility with Shrink

This was confirmed by the developer in this tweet. If you have Shrink installed like I did, you will find Velox folders shifting a bit like below. I also got more crashes with Shrink and More Icons installed with Velox. Just beware of this when you also do.

Velox Incompatibility 2Velox Incompatibility

Recent add-ons

To make the experience of Velox even more fruiful, the jailbreak commnuity has been actively developing add-ons and themes.

CARROX by HASHBANG Production (@hbangws) offers Carrot with Velox features like Reminder App. The only difference is that it will not take you to the Carrot App when you click on the to-do items. The tweak is available on the BigBoss repo for free and requires App Store App Carrot which costs you 99 cents.

Stopwatch for Velox by Max Katzmann (@max_katzmann) tells what it does with its straightforward name. It enhances the iOS clock app which does not have any specific feature from Velox by giving it the stop-watch add on function. You could start, pause and reset. Once the folder view dismisses, the record will also be gone.

Velox Stop Watch 1Velox Stop Watch 2

Velox Derailed Theme by ViNiT (left) and 4 Velox by Sk37cH (right) are two WinterBoard themes that change the outlook of Velox features such as Settings toggle icons and Music App folder. There could be more designers will be releasing more themes for Velox along with their themes or a standalone one. If you want to have this theme now, you can download both of them for free from the Modmyi Repo.

Velox Derailed Theme

In a nutshell, Velox is a very robust and comprehensive tweak that highly enriches your experience in using your lovely jailbroken iPhone. For me, it is definitely a must. If you feel the same, head over to BigBoss repo now and get a copy of it.

Xin Chan

Chan Xin is a tech geek, an iOS specialist, You can follow @chanxin on Twitter.