BatteryDoctorPro: All You Need To Optimize iPhone Battery

May 1, 2013 — by Adeel Qayum2



BatteryDoctorPro: All You Need To Optimize iPhone Battery

May 1, 2013 — by Adeel Qayum2

There are many apps and tweaks that give insights on the battery of iPhone, but the new release at the Cydia Store BatteryDoctorPro has the potential to be the most useful and feature-rich so far. It comes from a developer who has released an Android app as well, but for iOS, he brought it for jailbroken iPhones.


This jailbreak app brings widgets both the Springboard and the Notification Center. There are other features as well, which may not have been present if the tweak was released through the App Store.

After downloading and installing the tweak, you’ll see that widgets will be added to different areas automatically. Tapping the battery icon on the homescreen or Notification Center will bring the widget in action. Long pressing on app icons will allow you to close any app. There’s also a RAM indicator placed at the top right of the screen, which can be used to close all apps in a single time.

You would be able to create new profiles and learn from the default ones on how you can optimize the battery life of your iPhone. You can switch to ‘Outdoor’ to use mobile data, because when there’s not an active Wi-Fi connection around, it’s better to leave the Wi-Fi option inactive.


There are several toggles such as Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi, connection of data etc. The ‘BadeClear’ toggle can be used to dismiss icon badges, while you can also control the camera flash of your phone through the flashlight toggle.

The tweak will also let you monitor what apps use how much RAM, memory, space, cycle values etc. The Manager will keep clearing caches from third party and native apps, while you can use the Settings menu to define notifications and battery life alerts.

With so many features offered, you would be thinking BatteryDoctorPro would cost something, but it’s completely free to download. It’s available at Cydia’s BigBoss repository. Do let us know if you try it out.

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  • Daniel Marsh

    Battery Doctor Pro is just the product that I was looking for. It shows accurate running time for the most commonly used tasks on the iPhone, as well as track the total life of battery and it is the only app on App Store that supports Full Cycle Charge. It’s really Doctor of Battery .

  • art dog

    It’s a great app but suffers from lack of iPad and thus landscape support.