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Google+ App Updated with Filters and Photo Editing Features

March 26, 2013 — by Sette Capati0

It appears that photo filters and editing options are now anchored to social networking sites. It’s not surprising anymore if Google adapts these features, which are now officially integrated in to the Google Plus iOS application.

Google Plus version 4.3.0 comes with new photo editing features, filters, and crop options. The update rolled out on the 25th of March, including a new profile design, notifications tray, set-up flow for new users, and many more. Citation Taux de change Forex France Aujourd'hui Why Did The Stock Market Drop 300 Points Today photo-16

For the first time, the app provides the users basic photo editing features and can be downloaded from the App Store.

The app complements the usual filters that you see on Instagram, giving the user’s photos a tough of retro in high-resolution images. You know, this is how it goes – keeping up with other social networks and the vintage image filters.

The current version features (via App Store):

  • New photo editing features; add filters, rotate, and crop
  • New profile design
  • New notifications tray
  • New set-up flow for new users
  • Control the volume of posts that you see in your stream from individual circles/communities
  • Filter search results by best or most recent
  • Tell your friends about the community (by sharing it or sending an invitation)
  • Re-share posts to communities
  • Display counts for unread messages in your communities
  • Additional community moderation features


What’s interesting about the update is the filter. Each button filter has four variants, giving you that touch of retro by simply tapping the button again and again.

That option was uniquely designed. I’m just wondering if this could also be deployed on Instagram. While I’m not an avid Google Plus user, I think the photo filters are somehow enticing.

Alongside this update, Snapseed also received some updates for bug fixes and integration of pinch/zoom gesture to adjust the width of the frame.

Let us know what you think about it.


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