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Write for Dropbox App: A Plain Text Editor for iPhone

February 17, 2013 — by Sette Capati1


AppsiPhoneiPhone 5

Write for Dropbox App: A Plain Text Editor for iPhone

February 17, 2013 — by Sette Capati1

writer-for-dropboxI had enough with notepads and sticky notes, though I find them functional in my daily writing tasks to keep me on track. I searched for high-rated note apps on App Store and stumbled upon this stellar note application for writers and professionals who keep notes while on the go.

Join me and let’s see what Write for Dropbox for iPhone offers.

What the heck?

mzl.yjgggate.320x480-75 Write for Dropbox comes with a neat interface and integrated with the necessary punctuations and functions for taking down notes. Developer Tanmay Sonawane intricately designed this app with intuitive features and subtle animations that’ll keep you writing.

It was launched last February 13, and has received 5 stars from 12 ratings as of this writing.

How does it work?

The app features a quick tour on the first launch to teach you the highlights. I suggest you read steps instead of skipping it.

It has a quick toolbar to simplify formatting and a powerful Markdown editor. You can pinch the screen to activate zoom gestures providing you an uncluttered space to write your thoughts freely.

To save your notes, simply use the pull to save and pull to delete gestures.


You want more features? You can toggle night mode or change fonts using the long press with two fingers and tons of sharing options by swiping from the right.

The animations are notable features in the Write for Dropbox app. I’m not kidding, every gesture is anchored with animation.

How’s the app?

The app works seamlessly with Dropbox, no need to worry about your notes in terms of saving, syncing and storage.

What can I say about this app? It’s totally remarkable.

In my observation, the developer spent time in planning the details of each feature and interface. It’s a perfect contender to the stock Notes app, Evernote, iA, and other popular writing apps.

This app deserves 5 stars. You can download Writer for Dropbox via direct iTunes link for $0.99 only.

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  • mike

    Absolutely a neat interface. Also like your writing skills. Does it also come for the iPad.