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How To Transfer Music File between iPhones

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How To Transfer Music File between iPhones Amazon Binary Options Live Signals

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Originally, Bump only allows users to share contacts and photos. The latest version of Bump adds features to let you transfer various types of files including audio file. After opening Bump, swipe to the below screen.


Select “Audio”, then tap “Music” folder and pick the song/audio file you want to transfer.


Let’s say you want to transfer the file to your friend’s iPhone. Make sure he/she also opens the Bump app. On your iPhone, tap the “Bump Now” button and follow the on-screen instruction to gently bump two devices together.


If Bump detects the devices, tap “Connect” to establish the connection.


That’s it. The transfer process starts! Not only you can share audio files between two devices, Bump supports file sharing for other types of files. Best of all, Bump is free for download from App Store.

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  • Gmaine

    i think bump is a great app and ppl should use this more, its fast and efficient plus the UI looks amazing and clean. the only problem i have with it is that it doesnt remember my previous user names that i had in the past after restoring my iphone