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5 Interesting Accessories for iPhone and iPad Featured in Macworld Legit Way To Make Money Online Free

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AccessoriesiPadiPhoneiPhone 5iPod TouchNews

5 Interesting Accessories for iPhone and iPad Featured in Macworld Binary Option Brokers Regulated By Cftc 4 Herpes

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Double Robotics – this is a low-priced telepresence robot compared to other prototypes that cost around $15,000. You can get the Double for only $1,999 for pre-orders that comes with a stand and iPad as its head (which you will supply) rising about five feet tall that can be controlled via iPad.


Bowblade – Let’s get physical with this interesting game controller shaped like a bow. Hit the target and focus on defeating the enemies with Bowblade. The contraption is drawn just like a normal bow.


Chef Sleeve – How about some cookware, carrots and lemons in a tech expo? Unexpected? But not in Chef Sleeve’s booth – it offers remarkable kitchen accessories for your iOS devices and one of them that stood out is the Chef Sleeve. The set up also includes a dishwasher-safe stand for iPad, epicurean cutting board and iPad stand and recyclable iPhone, iPad and Kindle sleeves.


LumoBack – I’ve been thinking about my back lately, since I spend the whole day writing – until wee hours of before dawn. Interestingly, LumoBack caught my attention. This app tracks the users’ progress and makes sure they sit better and stand taller. The Lumoback uses Bluetooth technology and sends gentle vibrations when you slouch backward, reminding you to sit or stand up straight.


iBird – do you love outdoor activities and nature? iBird will help you identify different birds in the field, it’s an iOS app that fits entirely on your device. So whether you’re out there offline or online, iBird serves as your mobile field guide.


Aren’t they interesting?

Source: Macworld

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