TweetAmplius: Send Out Tweets Beyond ‘140’ Characters

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TweetAmplius: Send Out Tweets Beyond ‘140’ Characters Phil Stock Exchange Hiring Que Es Binary Option Analysis Software Trading Options In Singapore
After downloading and installing the tweak, there’s no menu added to the Settings app and no icon create d on the homescreen. The jailbreak app integrates itself automatically. When you’re sending out a tweak, the characters won’t turn red beyond 140; instead the counter will turn blank while the tweet button stays enabled. Tweets are shown with a Pastie link, while direct messages are sent separately after they’re broken down into parts.

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The Pastie link is added whenever the character count exceed 140, which won’t be happening most of the time as most people prefer to stay within the set limit. Nevertheless, there are occasions where 140 characters won’t be enough, bringing TweetAmplius into action.

Anyone who clicks on the link will be redirected to a page that shows the full text of the tweet, including the excerpt that was shown in the original tweet with the link.

TweetAmplius is a free or charge download over at Cydia Store. You can find it through the BigBoss repository. Some users report the Twitter app crashed several times, but the tweak worked smoothly for others. Let us know if you try it out.

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