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Directr App: Create Beautiful Movies on iPhone without Editing

I seldom record video with my phone before this app – Directr. Directr app changes everything. Now I love create videos of my trip or family events. The app makes it so easy for average users to create awesome movies with background music, professional transitions, on-screen titles, etc. Best of all, you do not need to do any editing. Read on to see how you can use Directr app to create beautiful movies on iPhone.

We call it point and shoot moviemaking – real movies as easy as photos.

The developers of Directr want to bring every iPhone user point and shoot moviemaking. Directr is not a video editing app. It already comes with a set of Storyboards for you to start with. You can think of a Storyboard as a movie template. At the time of this writing, there are nearly 100 Storyboards for creating various types of videos such as memories of holidays, babies, pets, vacations, family occasions, etc.


Once you pick your preferred Storyboard, Directr will teach you how to create a similar video step by step but with your own shots. Simply follow the instruction to shoot individual video and edit the title (if any). At any time during the video production, you can preview the raw video. If you’re happy with it, tap “Finish Movie” to create the movie and share it with your Facebook friends.


While most video apps on App Store focus on helping users edit videos after they have been shot, Directr app takes a complete different approach by providing movie template and step-by-step guide to teach people how to create great movie. I really love this approach and the app. I highly recommend you download Directr to give it a try, even you don’t use to shoot video.

To see Directr in action, check out the video demo:

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