Photos of Alleged Next Generation iPad and iPad Mini Published on Web

January 29, 2013 — by Sette Capati0

ipad5-2Rumors about the next generation devices are spreading like wildfire for the first quarter. And the people involved in this matter are consistent in delivery fresh updates rumors for us to complete the puzzle until the final release.

Rumors such as the production of the iPhone 5S, together with the plastic version surfaced for the past few days. And now we see photos of the alleged next generation tablets on the Internet. It’s not enough to know, you have to see to believe it.

Today, we received an unverified image from a purported China-based iPad accessories maker, an industry that seems to frequently tip off Apple’s future product designs, of the back plate for the next iPad. While we cannot confirm that the above image is legitimate, it does provide a solid representation of what Apple’s next iPad will likely look like. We were told this is a prototype back piece for the fifth-generation iPad with a 9.7-inch display.

These rumors and photos normally surface before the launch date. If these are the alleged next generation tablets prototype back piece of each model under production from Chinese resources, then the timing is perfect for the mid-year product release.


We were also told that the casing is almost as thin as the iPad mini’s back (pictured to the right). As you can see at the top of the purported iPad 5 backplate, this casing would likely be for an LTE model – as the black antenna cut implies.

Logically, the iPad mini came with a new case. If Apple pursues the same design, then it may be possible that the future models would bear similar cases.

This would not take us by surprise if these images are floating around China.

Are you excited to see another round of iPads and iPhones this spring?

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Source: 9-to-5Mac

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