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InstaWeb: Download Web Page and Convert to PDF for Offline Reading

January 29, 2013 — by Simon Ng1


AppsiPhoneiPhone 5

InstaWeb: Download Web Page and Convert to PDF for Offline Reading

January 29, 2013 — by Simon Ng1

Instaweb-logoYou can easily save web pages and read them offline using Safari’s Reading List feature or 3rd party browsers such as Terra. But what if you also want to convert the web page to PDF file? InstaWeb from Digiset is the app you have to check out.

While browsing your favorite web pages, InstaWeb lets you save and convert it into PDF for offline reading or sharing. The app also features a website clutter remover to remove clutters like advertisement and makes the PDF more easy to read.

InstaWeb works just like any browser. Once it’s launched, you’ll find a familiar browser interface. At any time during your Internet browsing, there is a transparent menu at the lower-right corner of the web page. The left button (i.e. InstaWeb logo) allows you to save the current web page and convert it into PDF. However, I do not recommend using this option directly as the PDF generated may includes advertisement or other contents that you may not want.

Whenever you want to convert a web page, I suggest you to first tap the “X” button. This button is used to remove all clutters. You can see from the below screenshots the difference. This feature is very similar to the Reader feature in Safari.



From here, you can tap the “PDF” button to save the file as PDF document. The app comes with a built-in PDF reader for reading the document. However, you’re also allowed to open the document using other apps like GoodReader.



If you want to share the document with your friends, simply tap the email button to share it. Or you can save it to your Dropbox account for sharing.

InstaWeb is now available on App Store for $1.99. Yes, it’s not free but if you’re looking for an app that lets convert web pages to PDF easily, it’s worth to get it.

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    Our website has been doing this for users for years and – although i’m a little biased – with much higher rendering quality and way more compatibility….