iPadiPhoneiPhone 5News

Next Generation iPad and iPhone May Feature 128GB Model

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iPadiPhoneiPhone 5News

Next Generation iPad and iPhone May Feature 128GB Model

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We should be seeing 128GB iDevices soon. iOS 6.1 beta 5 has 128G system partition key in BuildManifest.

The unboxing of iOS 6.1 BuildManifest opened the door to the rumor mill that 128 GB storage model could really be possible in the upcoming models.


According to iMore,

Apple has historically increased storage sizes as a product differentiator, and when the cost of the required NAND flash storage made it cost effective to do so. Going from 64GB to 128GB and keeping the same size device means double density flash.

While the BuildManifest showed the partition key size of a possible 128 GB storage, this does not necessarily indicate that Apple is going to roll out an iPhone 5S with built-in 128 GB storage. But the presence of such partition shows that the company is preparing for the possibility. However, this will remain a rumor and can only be confirmed once the California-based company calls for the press.

The additional storage could affect the price points of the next models. Unless Apple provides the same price points regardless of the storage capacity or get rid of the 16GB and offer 32GB, 64GB and 128GB as baseline.

So, going in reverse order, component prices for high density flash would have to be cheap enough for Apple to maintain current prices and margins. And, Apple would have to be in the right place in their product cycle that it’s a feature and not a throw-away.

Is it time to upgrade? Could this be possible? Are you willing to shell out a few bucks for an upsize storage?

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