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Review: Scripts Pro Screenwriting App for iPad and iPhone

January 25, 2013 — by Sette Capati4


AppsiOS 6iPadiPhoneiPhone 5iPod Touch

Review: Scripts Pro Screenwriting App for iPad and iPhone

January 25, 2013 — by Sette Capati4

scripts pro review iphoneCould mobile screenwriting replace the desktop writing experience? What if there’s a means to access your unfinished drafts and scripts while on the go?

Statistics give us a hint of the increasing mobile usage including smartphones and tablets. Creative professionals of any kind including scriptwriters and screenwriters could do almost anything using their smartphones.

Join me, and let’s unbox this updated version of Scripts Pro.

What the heck?

scriptspro for iPhoneScriptsPro app for iPhone and iPad takes creative professionals’ (film and television screenwriters) productivity to the next level of screenwriting where they can write their ideas whenever creativity strikes. Inkless Ideas LLC developed this highly rated screenwriting app in version 3.2.1.

How does it work?

Scripts Pro is packed with powerful editing capabilities, elegant interface, and intuitive features of scriptwriting elements.

Once you download the app, you will see a clean dashboard loaded with options found at the upper and lower portions of the application. Assuming this is your first time to use the app, click the (+) button found below to add your initial script. Fill the Title, Author, Email, and Phone tabs and update. Then, start drafting your script.

Simply write your draft with Scripts Pro’s uncluttered interface and concentrate on the story. Users can take advantage of element switching. It helps you sort out your script – is it a General statement? Scene heading? Character? Dialogue or transition? Choose what kind of element it is, and Scripts Pro will format it for you.

Your scripts can be exported to Dropbox and iTunes and automatically synced with iCloud. To export your script to iTunes, file formats are available in .FDX, .CELTX, .TXT, .PDF, and .HTML.

scriptspro for ipad reviewHow’s the app?

ScriptsPro app is beneficial for professional film and television screenwriters. It’s specifically designed for them.

However, budding writers can also take advantage of this app. If you’re interested to enhance your scriptwriting skills, this app is highly recommended. You’ll never know when creativity will strike. As long as you’re ready, tap the keys and prepare your “Scripts” until you become a “Pro.”

Could it replace desktop writing experience? Of course, desktop is still the champ. But that’s the beauty of having mobile apps like Scripts Pro. You can create, review, edit, and, most of all, continue what you have started on your PC.

Overall, I give Scripts Pro app 5-star rating.

Direct Link: ScriptsPro app

Price: $9.99

Seller: Inkless Ideas LLC.

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  • velocirator

    Way better then Final Draft’s overpriced app! Love it!

    • Sette Capati

      Yes! 😉 It’s worth it.

  • Ben

    is this available or coming for android?!

    • Sette Capati

      Hello Ben,

      I checked the Play Store and found none. I think it’s only available for iOS.

      Sette C.