Reminders+ Hack Puts Reminders On iOS LockScreen

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Reminders+ Hack Puts Reminders On iOS LockScreen

January 19, 2013 — by Adeel Qayum0

There are a lot of things iOS users need themselves to be reminded of. While Apple has included many reminders in the NC, not many people use it frequently, limiting its use. However, a new jailbreak tweak has been released that goes by the name Reminders+. This tweak will let you set reminders in a place where you’ll be bound to see them when using your iPhone; at the lockscreen. You can pin any reminder on the lockscreen. Mts For Forex Free Of Charge Chi Channel Forex After downloading the tweak, automatic changes would be made to the native Reminders app. There won’t be any new icons on the Springboard or a new menu in the stock Settings app. The lockscreen can be configured from within the tweak. To add any reminder, press on the text, and a menu will appear asking you to ‘add a bulletin’. Once you go through this selection, the reminder will be added on your lock screen. You don’t have to worry about any reminder being added automatically, even if there’s a completion date nearing, as the tweak gives you the freedom to select reminder of your own choice.

reminders +

After adding specific reminders, you’ll need to remove them manually when you need to. To do so, head back to the tweak’s main screen, press on the reminder you want to remove and select the ‘Bulletin’ button. The other notifications that appear on the lock screen won’t be affected.

It would have been more useful if the reminders could have been removed without going back to the tweak. Another limitation is that the lock screen will only display the titles of the reminders, without showing any time or day for completion.

Reminder Plus Hack

Despite these limitations, Reminders+ makes a hefty addition and adds more functionality to the stock Reminders app. You can install the tweak from Cydia’s BigBoss repo for free. Let us know if you try it out.

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