Easy-Doks Launches 3 Port Smart Charger with Bluetooth Keyboard

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Easy-Doks Launches 3 Port Smart Charger with Bluetooth Keyboard

January 7, 2013 — by Sette Capati3

Easy-Doks, a Florida-based company launches its new CR19 three-port smart charger that comes with a stand, full Bluetooth keyboard and speaker system. The device can charge up to three devices at once while using your devices.

What’s so special about this gadget? While it lacks a catchy name, CR19 charges three devices all at once. Online Exchange Rates On Forex Libya Adviser Dinapola Forex easydoks1

The Easy-Doks CR19 lets you continue using your devices while charging with the included docking/charging stand, Bluetooth keyboard and speaker system.  Easy-Doks CR19 charges all phones (including iPhones, Androids & Blackberrys), tablets (iPads, Galaxys, Kindles, etc.), MP3 players (iPods, etc.), headsets, Bluetooth speakers, and more at the same time, for a professional looking charging/docking solution.

It is more than a charging oomph. It comes with a dock or stand that you can even place on your bedside table – all night. Place the iPad over there, a space for the iPhone on the other and the iPod touch.

The CR19 boasts the Smart Current Detection (SCD) Technology that charges each device individually. It adjusts the flow of the current to ensure proper charging to avoid the harmful effect of over-charging, leading to the reduced battery life.

“The Easy-Doks19 is a great solution, especially when you are at home or work and need something to hold up your tablet and want to type on your tablet while charging.  Also, I never liked the tablet’s keypad.  I like to use a full keyboard instead.  And just like any Bluetooth keyboard, you still need a charger for a USB hub.  We are also offering that with the Easy-Doks 19,” said Jack Strauser, CEO and inventor of Easy-Doks, LLC.

CR19 also serves as your temporary work station. If you’re not comfortable using the iPad keyboard, the full Bluetooth-powered keyboard provides easy typing.

CR19 (3 charging ports & Bluetooth keyboard) costs $84.99.

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