HUD Pro: View Lyrics By Performing Gestures On Volume HUD

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HUD Pro: View Lyrics By Performing Gestures On Volume HUD

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After installation of the tweak, the information about the track played, and the time and date would be visible above the volume icon. You can also lock the screen through a gesture. However, before doing anything else, you would have to configure the tweak from the menu available in the Settings app. There’s no need to respring the device.

HUD Pro Cydia hack

To start, enable the first toggle that appears in the menu. Choosing the first toggle ‘Actions’ under Title Options will allow you to replace the default title and subtitle of the HUD with battery level, date with year, time with seconds and other options. The ‘Disable Background’ toggle should be enabled if you want to see the text clearly, while for changing the volume without using the volume keys, enable the ‘slider volume toggle’.

There are three gesture controls you can choose from; one-fingered two taps, two fingers one tap and two fingers two taps. After selecting the desired gesture for the tweak, you can create a new message, unlock the screen and display the lyrics of a song (opening in anew window).

The square box on the screen suddenly looks appealing. HUD Pro is available at the default ZodTTD & MacCiti repo for $1.50. Let us know if you try it out.

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