jLauncher Is The Next-Generation App Switcher for iPhone

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jLauncher Is The Next-Generation App Switcher for iPhone

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The tray offered by this tweak appears even on the lock screen. It’s an overlaid screen, which shows recently launched apps and music controls. After you install the tweak, a pop-up message alert will redirect you to the jailbreak app. There won’t be any options available. All that is required is to assign a particular gesture to use its functionality.

After you perform the gesture, jLauncher is going to take over the whole screen. On the top, the date and time are displayed. App icons will be available on the right side. These will be the recently used apps, and the number of apps being displayed at a single time is 5. Swiping down along the viewable apps will display the rest. The bottom have the screen is going to have two sliders for volume and brightness. The largest portion of the screen is filled by the album art and music controls. The screen displays the album art from the song currently being played, or the last track played if no song is currently played.

You may have a problem with using some gestures to launch the tweak from the lockscreen. For removing an app icon from the recent displayed list, you only have to hold it for a few seconds. jLauncher is available at the BigBoss repository of the Cydia Store. The price for this next-generation multi-tasker is $1.99. Let us know if you try it out.

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