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iOS Devices Dominates Android Device Says Report

December 5, 2012 — by Sette Capati0

Chitika Insights, a research, news and advertising company recently published a report, which shows iOS devices dominating the mobile arena. Android devices are also selling like hotcakes in the market place, yet statistics tell us that consumers prefer using Apple products. Data was gleaned via web traffic tracking – iOS devices commands 67% usage, Android 33% only.

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Alex Heath, Cult of Mac said,

“Since May, iOS has seen 2% traffic growth while Android has seen a 2% decrease. Both parties have put out a volley of new devices in recent months, yet the percentages have largely stayed the same for both. More people may be buying Android devices, but iOS device owners appear to be more active online.”

Considering the price range of Apple products compared to Android devices, the former offers $199-$699 price range (contract and unlock) on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPod Touches and iPad tablets. The latter offers cheaper prices when it comes to mobile devices and tablets. Consumers’ usage of iOS devices as a mobile platform for web browsing proves true that innovation and quality of Apple devices have a significant factor to buyer’s choice.

“Although these devices created a shift of a few percentage points shortly following release, thanks to Apple’s debut of three new devices, including the iPhone 5 this fall, its bump has been gradual, but more sustained,” according to Chitika.

According to Chitika, the iPad tablet has the “largest contributing factor to Apple’s lead over Android.”

 “With Apple’s loyal fan base and unique ability to build a tremendous degree of hype around every product launch, the company has made quick sell outs of new devices and high demand a regular occurrence.”

There is so much in store for Apple fanboys and girls in the coming months. Definitely, Apple is cooking something behind the scene. Could the company sustain its position in the mobile arena?

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Source: Cult of Mac

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