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Facebook Rolls Out Photo Syncing for iOS Devices

December 2, 2012 — by Sette Capati0

It’s going to be a lot easier for you to upload photos and share them to your friends and loved ones using Facebook’s Photo Sync feature. Photos are sync automatically on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that comes with a 2GB space solely for your private photo album. It allows you to choose which photos you want to share. Shop Of Needlework In Zaporozhye In The Small Market Forex Forex Axel

“Facebook says it began quietly testing photo sync back in August. In September, we wrote about the feature on Android phones, which operates similarly to how the Google+ Android app pushes photos to Google Photos (or Picasa) storage. The difference is that uploads reside in a “Synced from Phone” folder inside Facebook’s Photos page, waiting for you to take appropriate action.

To clarify everything, Facebook isn’t rolling out a new Android or iOS app. This feature is integrated in the Facebook app. No need to download anything. Photo Sync feature will be pushed through within the day, as more users will find it appealing and convenient than the multiple photo uploads feature.

 To turn the feature on in the Facebook app (if you have an iPhone, iOS 6 is required), tap Photos and then tap Sync at the bottom of your photos section. Once the uploads start coming in, you can check them out and share them via the app, on the mobile Web, or on your computer (go to your Timeline, click Photos, and click “Synced From Phone” at the top of your photos section).

Don’t worry about the space on your album. Although it’s only limited up to 2GB, you can stop the photos from being synced by simply tapping “Removed Sync Photo” in the app under Synced folder or in your computer under Delete option when you’re in “Synced From Phone” folder.

Neither the two can delete the photos on your iPhone gallery. Photos are still saved in your Camera roll.

What do you think about the Photo Sync feature? I bet you have a lot of photos to share this Holiday season.

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Source: The Next Web

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