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iTunes 11: How To Create Free Ringtone and Text Tone

December 1, 2012 — by Simon Ng307


iOS 6iPhoneiPhone 5Tips & How-to

iTunes 11: How To Create Free Ringtone and Text Tone

December 1, 2012 — by Simon Ng307

Apple has officially released the iTunes 11. The user interface is completely redesigned that is much simpler and clean. So far I love the upgrade but I’m concerned if it still allows user to create custom ringtone from any song in my music library.

It turns out the feature is still here and you’re allowed to create ringtone with 40-second in length. If you want to create your own ringtone or text tone for your iOS devices, instead of purchasing the tones from iTunes store, this step-by-step guide is specially for you. The procedures are completely tested on Mac, however, I think they should also work for Windows users. For those who are using older version of iTunes (e.g. iTunes 10) and have no plan for the upgrade, you can refer to the earlier guide.

Okay, let’s get started.

Procedures to Create Free Ringtone on iTunes 11

1. Launch iTunes 11.

iTunes 11 Logo

2. In your Music library, select a song you want to convert to ringtone.

iTunes 11 Music Library

3. Right-click on the song and select “Get Info” to view the song properties.

iTunes 11 Song Get Info

4. Select “Options” tab. Fill in the “Start time” and “Stop time” to extract the portion of song you want to create as ringtone. From what I know, the length of custom ringtone should not be longer than 40 seconds. Otherwise, iTunes will not recognize it as a ringtone. When you are ready, click “OK” to confirm.

iTunes 11 Song Properties

5. Next, right-click on the song and select “Create ACC Version”.

iTunes 11 Create AAC Version

5. iTunes then automatically extracts the portion of song you have instructed in the previous step. The new song file is just 40-sec in length. This is the song file you’ll work on from step 6 and onwards.

iTunes 11 Extracted Song File

6. Next, right-click on the song and select “Show in Finder”. This opens up Finder and locate the song file you just created.

iTunes 11 Show in Finder

Note: For Windows user, you should choose “Show in Windows Explorer” instead.

As you can reveal from Finder, the song file is in .m4a extension and we’ll change it to “.m4r”, which is the file extension for tones.

iTunes 11 m4a song file

7. Rename the file extension from “.m4a” to “.m4r”. For Mac users, select “Use .m4r” when prompted.

iTunes 11 Rename m4a to m4r

8. Go back to iTunes. Right-click on the song you have created (i.e. the 40 sec version) and select “Delete” to delete the song.

iTunes 11 Delete Song

9. Click “Delete Song” to confirm the deletion and then click “Keep File” when you’re prompted. This tells iTunes to delete the song (the 40 sec version) from music library and keep the actual file.

iTunes 11 Keep File

10. Go back to Finder and double-click on the ringtone file (.m4r) you have just renamed.

iTunes 11 m4r ringtone file

11. The ringtone will automatically add it to the “Tones” library in iTunes. You can now sync it to iPhone as a ringtone or text tone. Enjoy!

iTunes 11 Loaded Tones

As always, leave us comment if you find any problem or have any questions.

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of

  • Erika H.

    I can’t seem to figure out how to rename the file extension. I am a windows 8 user.

    • For Windows 8, you can click “view” on the top toolbar of File Explorer, and select to show file extension. Then click on file name and change the file extension.

      • Anthony

        i cant find view… my windows tool bar only says views, and that to change how the icon looks
        please reply and thank u

        • Ruby

          The first thing to do is open Windows Explorer (or My Computer) and view the file you wish to change. Go to organize > Folder and Search Options, then click the View tab. Uncheck the box titled “Hide extensions for known file types” Click OK. Now you should be able to see the file extension.

          • Von Ehh

            Thank you thank you. this post really helped A LOT!!!! thank you again =)

          • jamasskie

            THANK YOU RUBY!!!! It took me 2 days to figure this shit out!!!

          • Kt

            Thank you Ruby! Was puzzled myself on how to do this x

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  • Margaret

    I did it. just followed the instruction and got OWN ringtone ever. Thank you so much.

    • irina

      i’ve followed all the steps. my ringtone appears on iTunes,section ringtones,but when i’m looking for the ringtone on my iPhone 4S (settings/sounds)does not appears.I’ve sync my iphone after i put my song in ringtones (in itunes).
      What is the problem?Any ideea?
      I have windows 7 and iTunes version 1.0.1

    • tony

      wow you are so lucky,I have been trying this for past 2 hours, follow all the instructions perfectly, then when it comes to plugging in my i phone, it syncs my music, but nothing appears in settings/ringtones. Should I be looking for this somewhere else on my phone, or what. Please tell me your secret.
      I have i phone 5 and windows 7

  • Corey

    Thanks for your guide first of all.

    I’m having a problem with this still, after several hours I have a 2 second tone that is finally showing up on my iphone 5, however it only shows up as a ringtone, and not as an Alert Tone as I would like to use it. Is there a reason it doesn’t show up as both, or something I can do to make it show up as an alert tone.


  • Tamara

    mine will not change to a m4r it says that there but doesnt ask if i want to change it and says its an mpeg-4 audio file?
    I used to do this all the time on old itunes and now no go 🙁

  • Rich

    This doesn’t work for me. Even after setting a start and stop time, when I right-click on the song there is no option to Create AAC Version. Anyone know why? I’m on Win7 and iTunes 11.

    • Rebbeca

      I am having the same problem. I do not have an option for “Create AAC version” I only have an option for “Create MP3 Version”. I tried following the same steps, but it doesn’t work. I am also on Windows 7 and itunes 11

      • Rebbeca

        Okay duh. Found on another board…

        “You can only convert to whatever your current import setting is. Go to preferences then import settings to change your import format to AAC. Then you can convert any current song to AAC.”

        See I didn’t want my ripped cd’s to be saved in Apple’s lame format so long ago I changed it to copy in as mp3. To make ringtones, I had to switch back temporarily.

        Also had to follow Brii’s advice on how to make file extensions visible.

        IT WORKED!!

        • Paul

          Thank you Rebbeca!! I wasn’t aware of needing to make that change. I see it all so clearly now!!!

        • Jon Quimbly

          Thanks, Rebbeca, that’s what I needed also.

        • Kyle

          Is there an option to choose where the AAC version saves to? When I create it I hear a sound, so I know its creating the file. But it doesn’t show up in the playlist. I can’t seem to figure out where the file is going.

  • Lili

    I’m on Windows and all the steps worked up to the .m4r thing. I don’t THINK the file converted, and when I went to delete the file from iTunes, it didn’t give a “keep file” option. After I deleted it and clicked on the file in the other folder, it opened with Windows Media Player. More importantly, I don’t see a Tones library anywhere on iTunes . . .

    • Jolar

      I have the same problem as you with the keep file option it just deleted it. Thankful if you would help.

      • Connie

        I too had the same problem…it just deleted the song, and now I can’t find it! Do I have to start all over??? Any help would be great!! 🙂

  • Andrew

    When i create the AAC version it doesn’t show up in the library!!

  • Brii

    My file can’t be converted to m4r just by changing the name. I’m using Windows 7. And I can’t just add the (un-converted) file to ringtones, it just doesn’t show up. please help!

    • Brii

      I just solved my problem when I took a little time and looked it up. If you’re file doesn’t show up in the tones folder but in music(doesn’t convert to m4r file when changing name), do this:

      1. After creating the AAC version of the song you want to use as ringtone, right click on the AAC version.
      2. Click “Show in Window Explorer”. This will open the window where your AAC version is stored.
      3. In the Explorer window, press Alt key on your keyboard. This will bring up the menu bar above your toolbar.
      4. Click , then select to bring up the pop-up window.
      5. Select tab. in the Advanced Setting box, look for “Hide extensions for known file types”. Uncheck it by clicking the box.
      6. Now you should be able to see all the file extensions. Check that your AAC version that you created earlier has indeed m4r extension from the file options.

      • Cat

        I’m with you up to #4. Click what? The ALT brought up the menu bar, but I’m confused about how to get to the Advanced Setting box. ???

        • Brii

          Yeah sorrym it didnt copy all of it

          4. Click Tools, then select Folder options… to bring up the pop-up window.

          5. Select View tab. in the Advanced Setting box, look for “Hide extensions for known file types”. Uncheck it by clicking the box.

          There you go!

          • Anon

            This worked perfectly (Windows 7). Thank you.

          • Jamie

            Where is “tools?”

            • Jamie

              Found it!

  • jmr

    I had some issues with this process which are now resolved. However, in making my errors I ended up with 9-copies of the ringtone in my iTunes Tones library. Is there some way to delete the tones that I don’t need?


  • Daniel

    I cant delete the aac version and when i double click the m4r version from the finder it doesnt show up in the tones category because my itunes doesnt have one.

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  • Jacky


    I created the ringtone successfully, it is on my tones library but it doesn’t add to my iphone 4, if you have an answer please help, thank you.

    • johnny

      im having the same issue, its on the tones library but it doesnt want to sync into my iphone 4s, all my music does though , very odd

    • johnny

      hey i solved it when you plug in your iphone to sync, the iphone icon on the right witht the eject button shows up, click the word iphone not the eject button and then go to tones on the top and check sync all tones , then apply on the bottom right and it shows up on the phone

      • Europark2003

        Johnny’s advice help to solve problem with Windows users, great tips…….

      • Rob

        Thank you, Johnny. You gave the missing step!

    • Brian

      I have the same issue. I have successfully made a ringtone which appears in my Tones library but when I try to sync with my Iphone I get a pop up window that says it did not transfer that specific tone because it “could not be found”.
      Makes no sense to me.

  • Nia

    Brii thank you so much i got confused then with all the changes x

  • Jessica

    When I create the ACC Version, it is zero seconds long. It never retains the time extracted from the original version.

    Any help?

  • James

    i did all wht u said.Songs displayed in TOnes library then i connected to iphone afterwards wht to do guide me i couldnt find in Itunes help me

  • James

    I recieve a message saying that “The Ringtone was not copied to Iphone bcz the duration is too long ”

    but original duration is just 0.50 sec only

  • sagi

    I did same as mentioned above and I can see the created ringtone in itunes but when i sync no ringtone is stored on my phone.

    Thanks in Advance…

    • yefim

      Same here… Hadn’t any problem with the previous steps, but after the syncing no file appears on the list of tones.

  • Thanks a lot mate, worked perfectly!

  • Joshua Ng

    I’m using Lion OSX and iTunes 11, and there’s only “Create MP3 Version” which was “Create AAC version” on previous version of iTunes. Then never mind, I’d converted the song and changed the file name into m4r, but I can’t drag it to my “Tones” library there. 🙁 How to fix it? Just synced my iPhone and all of my old ringtones had gone!

    • Blugh

      You have to change the “import CD” settings to aac instead of mp3. Then the “create aac version” will appear instead of mp3.

  • Valoren

    Thanks so much, all of the directions (and comments!) helped a lot! Worked perfectly with the iPhone 4 and iTunes 11 <3.

  • MissGema

    I have followed all of the instructions and I’m still having trouble creating a ringtone.
    I have an iPhone 5 with the latest software (iOS 6,) I have the latest version of iTunes (v.11) and I’m on a Windows Vista.
    I really want Heavy Cross (The Gossip) as my ringtone, it has been my ringtone for years 🙁 My next step is to throw my mobile and laptop out the window.
    Your help is really appreciated.

    • I, too, am having the same issue as MissGema. I have been at this for two days now and cannot get the ringtone on my iPhone 5. I have it in iTunes and in my library in Windows Vista, but can’t download the ringtone to my phone. Can someone PLEASE help us out?

  • sophie

    very helpful! thank you

  • Sarang

    i did all steps.
    and on step 9 Click “Delete Song” to confirm the deletion and then click “Keep File” when you’re prompted. This tells iTunes to delete the song (the 40 sec version) from music library and keep the actual file.

    –it dint ask me to ‘keep file’ , but still i went ahead by removing file.but i found file in finder window that was still open in background.

    when in finder i double clicked the m4r file, it was added to the ‘Tones’ library.

    But even after sync with iPhone i am not able to see it in sounds->ringtone

    Please help…

    PS : Using win7 and itunes 11 and IPhone 4s with iOS 6.0.1

    • Sarang

      Hey i figured it out…

      once you play it in itunes, go to your Iphone (in itunes s/w) there on top along with apps,music,summary… ect.
      there is a menu for ‘Tones’ open it and select ‘sync tones’
      and now sync your phone.

      after sync finished it shows in your iPhone

      🙂 🙂


  • Cat

    I have the same problem not being able to add the tones to my phone even after syncing in iTunes with they phone sync button. It looks like it’s syncing but after it’s over, there are no new tones on my phone. I have the 3G (I know, I know… old school)… Thanks for helping!

    • Sarang

      Just check my comment on my post…it is figured out…

      • Cat

        Sarang, thanks for replying, but I did figure out what you did about clicking the sync button (exactly what you described) and that does not work for me. I have the tones created and they exist and play in iTunes. I opened the Tones menu and clicked “Sync Tones” and it did something, but my phone never received the tones. Not sure where to go from here. There are no error messages or pop ups that may give me a clue. It seems to work, but the tones do not transfer to the phone. Sigh…..

  • shawn

    The song clip plays in the tones on itunes 11. When I sync my iphone 5 it does not show up. Windows 7.

    • Sarang

      check my latest post and you will be able to add your tone to iPhone

  • Julie

    Okay I’m having problems it will work all the way until I change the file extension to r at the end and then a box pops up and says that it may be unusable and I click okay and delete it like the instructions say but it wont show up in my itunes help please thanks

  • Trang

    This procedure works with iphone 4 but not 4s

  • krishna

    thanx brill and simon blog i maked my ringtone again thanx to brill

  • Kyle

    Sooo, the song wont sync to my phone? Though it shows up in my itunes “Tones” tab.

  • Cheng

    I go to my library, but then all I have are “music”, “movies”, “tv shows” and “home sharing”. “Tones” does not appear. So I tried to go to Files > Library > Organize Library, it would not allow me to organize my media into sub-folders. What should I do?

  • thenakats

    i have a Mac OS; itunes11, iphone5 with iOS6 – I have done all of the above and the music and/or iTunes on the phone will not show anything in ‘tones’ other than those to purchase or are in the iTunes store. All my devices are in the cloud why can’t I find my 30sec. tone? I’ve been working on this all day so frustrating

  • Doc Bill

    Outstanding instructions! Thanks, it worked great (once I actually followed them!)

  • Jon

    Wow that was easy – thanks for the instructions!

  • Harry

    Worked Perfectly, Thanks!

  • Terry Adams

    I tried every step above and the ringtone is in the tones part of iTunes. I sinyced with iphone4s, but cannot find the ringtone when I try to add it to a contact.
    Please help!

  • Matthew

    I cannot seem to change the m4a into m4r.
    There isn’t .m4a after the song name
    however i can see that it is .m4a in properties but i cannot change it
    putting .m4r after the name only changes the name of the tune but has no effect.
    Can you please help me?

  • Matthew

    I cannot seem to change the m4a into m4r.
    There isn’t .m4a after the song name
    however i can see that it is .m4a in properties but i cannot change it
    putting .m4r after the name only changes the name of the tune but has no effect.
    Please help me!

  • Kieron

    Thanks for the help!

  • Rachael

    For some reason, I no longer have the option “Create AAC Version,” when I right-click on the .mp3 after adjusting the start/stop time.

  • Thomas

    For some reason I do not have a “tones” tab in my itunes. I am running itunes 11.0. I have gone under preferences and selected the “tones” box to make the tab view able, but it does not show up. Any help?

    • Joelu

      The same happens to me, i dont have a tones tab, please help! 🙁

      • Joelu

        never mind, i just found it… it was in the preference section, you have to select it, and then it appears.

        • Thomas

          I have mine checked and i still do not see the tones tab

  • Ezniel

    How come my songs don’t have m4a

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  • Anthony

    i cant change the file to .m4r im a wondows user. i cant find “file name”

  • Keith

    New iPhone 5 user here.. and this helps a lot! Thanks!

  • max

    thankyou so much this is fantastic!

  • Pam

    I have a Motorola Milestone X2 which uses MotoCast USB to sync. The MotoCast USB software does not give me the ability to sync TONES. Is there a way to keep the new ringtone in MUSIC (like it did in previous version of iTunes) so that it will sync to my phone?

  • Guest

    Fantastic! That’s what I am looking for.

  • Minna

    I have the ringtone in the tones library but my itunes does not sync it? What to do?

    • G

      Have been following the steps to create a ring tone for an Iphone 5 using windows 7 with Itunes 11 but once I create the tone cannot find a “tone library” on my Itunes screen, what am I missing?

  • JC5

    Worked perfectly – thank you!

  • Phillip Tran

    Hi i have a question i made the ringtone and everything and i put it into tones and next to the tones that ive made have a circle and i dont see them on the phone so what should i do.

    if you can email me at [email protected]

    Phillip Tran

    • Octavio

      Same problem here!!! 🙁

  • Octavio

    I can create the ringtone and all, but when I try to drag the file into the Library – Ringtones, nothing happens, but if I drag it into the iPhone section, the name of the ringtone appears in the Ringtone section of the iPhone, but with grey letters and a dotted circle to the left and anyway its useless and cant be played. 🙁

    I believe this is some iTunes 11.0.1 issue. Help please!!!

  • L

    Ok, guys after doing my head in of what is logical becasue techs say dont make ringtones longer then 30secs, even though on some forums i have read that with version 11 itunes you can go as max 40secs, doesnt work to use for Text tone, New Voicemail, etc what ever you do not not make your ringtones longer then 30secs, as soon as you do which i have tried to do all ringtones at 40secs they will appear in Ringtones to be used for ringtones only and nothing else. So i re-did all my ringtones to max 30secs and sweet, i can use all ringtones for everything else and even my Alarm, everymorning i awake to different tones. One thing to remember is that the ringtones will be under ringtones and not under alert tone where you will see ‘None’, so say when chosing your ringtone ‘Text Tone’, scroll down to Ringtones and you will see all your tones you have created.

    • becca arnott

      is 30seconds the max your ringtone has to be .. or can it be shorter?… I cant find my ringtone that ive made on my phone but i see it on iTunes .. its as if it hasnt synced but I don’t know why?

  • Hola que tal, saludos desde Mexico
    Con la renovacion del iTunes a mi me dejo de aparecer “Crear Version AAC” ahora me aparece “Crear Version MP3” trata de hacer la misma operacion pero iTunes no me lo reconoce
    Que es lo que puedo hacer?


    Hello that such, greetings from Mexico
    With the renovation of iTunes to let me appear “Create AAC Version” now I get “Create MP3 Version” is doing the same operation but iTunes does not recognize me
    That is what I can do?

  • Anon-I-Mous

    Everything works fine until the part where you have to double click it so it will open into iTunes. It plays in iTunes, but I can’t find it anywhere. No tones folder is created, and dragging and dropping isn’t helping either. Help please?

  • dj

    Thanks a lot dude!!

    it was quite helpful. especially with itunes 11

  • JD

    Works brilliantly, thanks so much, would never ever have figured that one out myself!!

  • Michaela

    Ok so every time i click the “create ACC version” it just makes a copy of the whole song. Yes I am putting in a start and stop time before doing this and it s 40 seconds in length. Im on a mac and its really started to tick me off that i cant get this to work!

    • Dando, UK

      Me too. Despite putting in the start and stop time, the stop time remains the length of the song. iTunes therefore does not replicate the song to the length I want. Despite trying this time after time, I get nowhere. So frustrating. I have an iPhone 4 and am running Windows with ITunes v 11. Grrrr

  • Artur

    I figured out that if you will create ringtone longer than 40 seconds, after a sync, it will not show up in iPhone.

    All instructions worked for me without any problem btw. Thanks

  • Susan

    I have spent hours on this today and have done so previously too but I am told every time that it will not be downloaded on my iphone (4) because it is too long. I have created files of 24 seconds, 30 seconds and 40 seconds and none work. Help before I go completely crazy! FYI when I right-hand click on the song at the beginning no screen comes up. I had to fish around in the iTunes tool bar to find the next steps. S

  • with the problem iphone doesnt show as a ring tone it has to be exacly 40 sec. long or else doesnt work i hope this helps……………………

  • Austen

    It works great but whenever i go into text tone it doesn’t show up???

  • Doreen

    Please I need help…I’m not having trouble following your instructions but its at step 10 or 11. I go back and find the song ( and this is where maybe my problem is…its not a song its a short tone and its a mp3) I double click it and it doesn’t go back into my itunes…Please can anyone help please…

  • Meyerman

    Thanks for setting it all out so clearly! Worked perfectly.

  • JP

    Thanks for this, after much hassel and fannying about, this walk through actually works. why do apple make it so hard, if they want to please their users why not just create a button that does all this for you 🙂

  • Caryl

    Everything worked perfect until the last point. When i double click on the song in finder it doesn’t appear in the tones, it just disappears. Help please, i’ve been at this all day 🙁

    • Doreen

      Same here Caryl…I’ve been trying for 2 days now and still can’t past the last step…wish someone would help us here…

  • Sara

    Hey, my itunes does not create the AAC song, like shortens the song under the original. Any tips?

  • Patti Cobbs

    I purchased an alert tone from itunes on my phone but did not copy into my Sounds folder on my iphone 5. When I did my next sync it did transfer to my MacBook.

    Since this tone was already the length it needed to be and was already an AAC format, I duplicated the file and changed the copy to m4r extension. I then went back to itunes and deleted the original but kept the file. Returning to Finder, I followed your instructions and double clicked the m4r file which did put it in itunes and a Genre called Tones. It did not, however, put it in the Ringtone Tones (Bell icon) and if I go back to Finder, it is in a folder called Alert Tones. Even if I drag it to the Tones folder where my other ringtones are located, it does not show up in itunes with the other ringtones and will not sync to my Sound folder on my phone.

    Am I doing something wrong or will this not work because of how it was originally records & saved by whoever made it?

  • steve

    Tone does not transfer to phone?
    Is this because I have itunes match on?

  • dckfly

    I get as far as step 5 when I attempt to convert to AAC it says the protected file can not be converted to another format. The file kind is protected AAC. Hmmm…seems no one else has had this problem. What do I need to change to make this work? Thank you in advance for your help.

    itunes 11 on Windows 7 pro

  • Alex

    Thank-you so much, you explain it so well and so clearly!
    Keep up the good work 😀

  • I am having issues seeing the new AAC file when I make one, I see itunes is converting it and get a tone when it is done but can only see the original track. I even looked via the finder just to see if maybe I couldn’t see it in iTunes but only the original is on my HD.

    • Ok now I found them but when I change them to mr4 they do not show up in my iTunes to be able to sync to my phone

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  • Kaity

    I am good up until the last step…

    I double click on the mp4 file
    iTunes appears, playing the file, in the Tones section, but the song is NOT LISTED in tones.


  • Dee

    My iTunes is no longer showing a “Create AAC Version” option for any of my songs. All I get is a “Create MP3 Version” option. Uncertain on how to get the “Create AAC Version.”

  • Although I had previously created several custom ringtones (Windows) before iTunes 11 , I cannot do it now.

    ACC encoder selected in iTunes, shorter ACC Version is created and visible in Windows explorer, File extension is visible……but second shorted track with same file name is not added to iTunes library

    Any thoughts?

  • safwan

    thx man,,rly thx,,keep it up bor 🙂

  • BIg Tip :D


  • Jim

    After I click Get Info and enter in the start and end times and click okay, the smaller file does not appear in itunes, just the original song full song that starts and stops at the times I entered in.

  • luke

    it doesnt ask if i want to keep file

  • Dan

    If you don’t see the Create AAC command go to preferences/import CD setting and change them to AAC. Then the menu will show.

    I use iTunes for a lot of MP3 conversion and had to figure it out. Hopefully, this will save someone some time.

  • kroxemia

    I did succeed in creating a ringtone for certain songs. I’ve followed all the steps correctly, but for some reason, when I go the song I extracted from, it only plays that 30-40 second time limit! I can’t listen to the song in its entirety now! What do I do?

    • Luciano

      Very easy. Go to this tune’s properties and delete the previously chosen “Start time” and “Stop time” you once filled in for the tune.

  • Luciano

    Hi! This has been frustrating so far. I use a Mac Book Pro and have a ITunes 11.0.1 running. I can thus get so far as right-clicking the file and choosing “Get Info” and filling in “Start time” and “Stop time”, but when I right-click on it again, it doesn’t give me this option “Create AAC version”. I am stuck, how do I go further from here, please?? Thanks very much.

  • BOO

    Thanks a lot buddy. worked like a charm. 🙂

  • jo.tee

    followed your instructions and successfully created a new ring tone and synced with my Iphone but how to i get to use it as a text alert tone? it only shows as a ring tone on my iPhone! (using iTunes 11 on a macbook pro and iOS 6.1 on iPhone 4.

  • Kyle

    I right clicked on get info and chose the time of the song I wanted to create as a ringtone. I went back to the song and right clicked but create AAC version doesn’t show up. How do I find that option? I have itunes 11 and I’m on windows XP

    • Luciano

      Hey, didn’t you read my post a few lines above yours? I experience the very same issue. Create AAC version is not displayed on ITunes 11, but in earlier version. I saw how to set up your ITunes for synchronising tunes as AAC, but can’r recall the steps. Try finding this by synchronising your device to your ITunes by going through “settings” or sth like that.

  • ct

    i followed all the step and when i sync all the tones with my iphone,it didn’t appear on my sounds list..only few tones are synced.why its happen?

  • Leanna

    I got to step 6 but i can not find show in finder it only shows, show in playlist, itunes store, and windows explorer. How do i get to that.? And i know on the old iTunes it automatically showed your library how do i find that or the tones icon?

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  • Yhel

    Thanks johnny…
    You are right.. click the iphone not the eject button..
    and click all tones

  • Dando, UK

    I’m using iTunes 11. I want to make a ringtone but I can’t get iTunes on my PC to start and stop the music at 40 seconds. I fill in the Options box with the start and stop time but whatever time I put in for Stop, it automatically discards it and just puts in the length of the song. Then when I select AAC version I cannot find the duplicate song,no matter if it is the same length as the original. What am I doing wrong. Its doing my head in. I have an iPhone 4 but we don’t ever get as far as syncing it cos I can’t get the PC to create a duplicate song. Thanks for anyone’s help1

  • David

    I created ringtone and text tones, the ringtones worked fine, the text tones appear in the ringtones section of my iphone instead of the alert tones section and when somebody send me text, no sound. My text tones are under 30 sec. Any idea ?

  • TPaige

    I made the tone and it’s on my phone as a ringtone but it’s not coming up in the text tone section. What do I need to do?

  • renato

    It worked! But I changed in Preferences > General > Adjustments to use AAC format instead of MP3 to convert to m4a

  • amit

    how to enable the options in the get info section

  • Miguel Callejas

    Amazing! 🙂 Really good with pictures. Sharing.

  • @cole007

    Thanks Simon – was struggling for a Mac example that worked and explained things properly/simply – cheers

  • I’ve tried these same instructions over and over. The file gets created fine, it’s the right format, but when I double click the file in Finder, it just launches in iTunes, but doesn’t add to the Tones library, and I can’t find any other way to get it there.

    • Found the solution – delete the original song and ringtone version from iTunes (keeping the main files) and then try to add back in.

  • gd89

    I can’t sync it to my iphone 3GS

    I’m using itunes 11, I have the .m4r ringtone in the Tones list and ticked in the box, iphone is connected. ( and this tone is not in my music library either )

    I am in the tones tab now and can’t see any button that will let me sync my tones to my iphone.

    The only place I can see is in file> devices > sync iphone, but when I do this my tone isn’t transferred to my phone?!

    Any advice??

  • Jenn

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Much easier than another tutorial I was trying to follow.

  • Create AAC isn’t an option on the Windows version

    • cosmoscarey

      yes, i am having this same problem. this is the OLD way to create a ringtone in itunes, but steps don’t work in version No right click to “create AAC”. Help!

      • i tried the create mp3 then found the file in explorer, figuring i’d be able to change the format there. but no go. nothing i do with the file in explorer lets me change the format

      • Ang

        1. go to preferences
        2. select the general tab

        3. on the general tab, near the bottom, there’s an ‘import settings’ option next to a drop down menu. click on it.

        4. the first drop down menu on that page select import using AAC encoder. then click ok.

        now when you go back to itunes and right click on a song, you will have the create AAC option.

        • tried this, it still doesnt show the option to create the acc file?

          • Ang

            thats weird, it should have worked.

  • dibbler

    Thanks for this – step 10 was completely eluding me and therefore couldn’t get it to work until I found your instructions!

  • Katherine

    When I click delete it just deletes without saving the file . Help?

  • Katherine

    I got it in my Tones folder already but there’s a dotted circle next to it, why?

  • Qlty > Qty

    Perfect, thank you.

  • JJL

    When I right click on a song and click on the options tab, all the choices including start and stop times are “grey” and don’t activate or respond? Solution?

    • LechatnoR

      This happened to me and I finally realized that the song was playing from icloud (and I imagine you can’t mess with something that’s not actually saved on your machine). I clicked the download icon next to the song title and it worked fine.

  • Emmy

    It´s not working. I have tried for 2 hours now, I´m so frustrated. The musicfile I have made to m4r is not showing in my ringtones folder. It shows only in my music library. And I can´t sync it to my Iphone. It only shows as a song in my tunes library. What can I do to fix this?? Please help me out.

    • Blue

      I got stuck on this too. You have to do the below steps for revealing the file extension and THEN change it to an m4r. Otherwise it doesn’t make the change, so the file remains an m4a. Good luck!

    • Natasha

      go to folder options and uncheck “hide file extension” this would reveal the actual extension which you need to change to .m4r

      • Amanda

        I can’t seem to find this option?

        • Bella

          Simon TimK

          • 5 months ago


          -go to control panel


          -folder option


          -uncheck hide extensions

          -then just change whatever file you want to “myfile.m4r”

    • Amisha

      you have to double click the m4r file that is in the finder/windows explorer and it gets into the TONES section of itunes. When you run a sync with your phone, make sure you check box the SYNC TONES option

    • roby rob

      go to google and search m4r convert and then add your song then add to itunes for some reason windows is not letting us change the file that easy

  • wa

    It wont allow me to change to m4r file in windows explorer

    • TimK

      Same problem I’m afraid, rename just lets me rename song but won’t let me rename file extension. Any ideas?

      • Simon

        -control panel


        -folder option


        -uncheck hide extensions

        -then just change whatever file you want to “myfile.m4r”

        • LechatnoR

          Brilliant! Thanks.

        • irritated!!

          THAAAAAANK YOOOOOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          i almost popped a freakin blood vessel in my brain trying to get this shit to work!!

  • Oyadioo

    Thanks a million……it worked

  • I cant change to m4r file also, is it because its in Chinese words

  • Lola


    I get the same error. When I delete the file it’s gone I don’t get the option to keep the file. What did I do wrong?

  • blakers989

    on my iphone it lets me make the ringtones but its not letting me make a text tone? anyone know how to fix this?

  • NolinLakeKy

    I’ve gone as far as “delete” and cannot find the delete choice when I right click. I have iphone 5 with itunes 11.

    • NolinLakeKy

      I think I figured out why it wouldn’t delete because I built the 2nd file for the ringtone in my folder of “Recently Added”. I did get the ringtone however by double clicking on it in windows explorer and it automatically added it to the Tones folder. I tried this again and this time I tried the whole process on another song in the “Purchased” folder and it did not make a copy but overrode the song. I cannot find the original song in it’s full length but I do have the ringtone. Can I re-download the song again? I know I will have to pay for it but it will be cheaper that than my time in figuring out what happened.

  • Onemom

    I’ve used this exact process to create my own for years. (PC) However, I am now unable to change to m4r in Windows Explorer. It gives me a warning that it may become unusable, and I accept anyhow. (That warning never showed up until this version, btw) Upon deleting the file in iTunes and clicking on the WE file, I no longer have the new file show up and play immediately in iTunes like it used to. (FWIW, my setting were already correct in my control panel…) Anyone else have this same issue?

  • rdowen

    It worked! Thanks!

  • ElliotR

    Get a Windows Phone. Geez. It’s drag and drop in Windows, none of this convert crap LOLOLOL

    • RaptorzI

      I agree. I used to have a “normal” phone with drag n drop. So easy! I don’t know why I let myself get talked into this iPhone. I’ve tried 5 times to add custom ringtones and it never works.

  • kristin

    Thank you!!!

  • ashley

    i got everything to work correctly except i for some reason dont have a “Tones” tab on my itunes so its just saving it to my music? what do i need to do?

    • Ashley, I’m having the same issue. Can follow all the way through, but don’t find a “Tones” library. Did you ever figure it out?

  • RaptorzI

    I’ve followed the instruction and the m4r is in the Tones folder, but it won’t sync to my phone and there’s no drag n drop feature with iTunes. So, how do I get the stupid thing on to my phone?????

  • Zarkoon

    it’s absolutely working .. I’ve created many ringtones through it ..

  • Fla

    Genius…Worked 1st time…End of frustration…Thanks

  • reutbmo

    if i go to “get info->options” it wont let me cut the song, i cant press on anything in that screen, everything is grey..
    so i made my oun m4r file, but when i try to drag it to any librery on itunes it dosent work (nor the “add file to librery”)
    please help!

  • Tommy

    This is a great article. I was able to setup my favorite songs as ringtones on my iPhone 5. Thank you!

  • Ann Kallista


  • Guest

    This does not work–it will not allow me to delete the file extension at all! and rename it in windows explorer! I am using Windows 8 and what the person below suggested with the control panel, there is no “appearance” icon to choose.

  • This is magnificent…

  • gorn

    I have a bit of an odd problem… I have the files converted to .m4r and everything, and I go to import them into iTunes… and they’re just not showing up. I’ve tried just about every roundabout way to import files into iTunes that I can think of and it’s not working. Halp.

  • beanie

    i have an windows 8 laptop & this doesnt seem to work for me .. i followed the directions through .. but when i double click the ringtone , it plays in itunes

  • Seaman

    Working, Thanks!

  • Jen

    After doubling clicking, the music file I created wasn’t appearing on my iPhone. What I then did was clicked on my iPhone in iTunes, selected the Tones tab and synced all. The tone then appeared in the Ringtones section of my iPhone!
    Hope that works for anyone having issues.

  • Hau Nguyen

    i do until the 11st step, but i can’t syn the song to Iphone, could you please help me !!1

  • Loy

    Thank you! It works. 🙂

  • Tina

    I have done this; when I get to the sync tones part, I get a pop up warning that my iPhone is synced to another ITunes library. My 2 choices are remove and sync or cancel. I really don’t want to lose my tones that are in my iPhone presently. I have backed up my iPhone to this computer and set this computer as my iTunes system. Do you have a solution?

    • Jehad Tayyem

      same as you, any suggestions?

  • Tennam

    well in my i tunes I’ve got create MP3 version instead of create ACC version

    • Thanks to cosmoscarey

      1. go to preferences
      2. select the general tab

      3. on the general tab, near the bottom, there’s an ‘import settings’ option next to a drop down menu. click on it.

      4. the first drop down menu on that page select import using AAC encoder. then click ok.

      now when you go back to itunes and right click on a song, you will have the create AAC option.

      • Rebecca Sutherland

        THANK YOU! I have been going through countless online tutorials trying to figure out how to use the new version of iTunes 11 to do this. I kept running into the same problem as “Tennam” in that mine only gave the option to convert to WAV. You are the only person who has explained how to change this, and it’s working perfectly now!

  • AFitz

    Thank you so much! This was driving me & my husband crazy, but this worked – yay!

  • Cherry2k3

    Yes I have a problem need you help? I have windows 7 and I tried doing everything like you said for my ringtones and it works but it doesn’t show up on my text tone, alert tone , or any of my tones but it just shows in my ringtone? Please let me know wats wrong u can email me [email protected] thank you

  • heidi

    really works… awesome … can easy make a personalised ringtone

  • jack

    bro it doesnt cum in my tex options only ringtone, and i only did 4 sec

  • Leony

    how can i delete a ringtone that i’ve made???

  • Alel

    I cant find the ringtones i made in my text tone.. it just appears in ringtone.. what to do?

  • Works wonderfully

  • Allan Wetzel

    Thank you so much! A few other write-ups for this same tutorial left out the critical step where you must delete the renamed .m4r file from the library and then re-import.

    Thanks again!

  • Taz

    This does not work as I followed instructions and there is no Convert ot AAC option in itunes 11

  • glenn

    how do you change extension with windows 8?

  • suhas

    i followed all the steps i found tones in tone folder but after synchronizing its not appearing in Ipone 5, where to check those tones in device ??

  • FA

    i have all steps right except that my itunes does not ask “Keep File” as mentioned in step 9 so my original song gets deleted as well.. can any help me fix this??

  • Vincent Carrigan

    Another way to do this is get your sound files you want to use for the tone. Use Soundswitch file coverter to convert to M4R, renaming alone is not enough. Once converted Open iTunes and click “Tones” on the left. Drag your M4R files into iTunes, then make sure the phone is set to Sync tones and sync it.

  • Happy

    Thank you! This worked perfectly, I am thrilled!

  • Integra NOS

    Worked perfect for me! Thanks Guys!

  • Adam

    I cant find “Creat an ACC Format.. ” yes my options are set to encode ACC.. but i cant still find it?

    • halehouse

      i’m having the same issue. I have set it to encode in acc but not seeing the option in the right click menu for “Create AAC version”.

  • Jacco

    There is absolutely no reason whatsoever this needs to be this difficult. Holy crap I’m irritated right now.

  • Paxton

    You’re the best. 🙂

  • Bauke

    unbelievable, you’re the first that finally fixed it…

    I am laughing through all the steps, no man in this world can think of this solution 🙂 you must be an alien. My compliments

  • gåℓє νιℓℓåℓυz

    i’ve done step 1-4 and when i reached step five, i couldn’t find the Create AAC Version when i right clicked the song. I’m confused, help me out please.

  • Jordon

    its not working

  • FML

    For some reason my Itunes doesnt have a “Tones” option from the drop menu??

    • Joanie

      Go in the options on the left top, tap preferences and in general you will see tones.. check it and press ok. Then you’re supposed to see the option in your menu.

  • Kellie

    i managed to create the tone, but it won’t sync to my iPhone coz iTunes stated the duration is too long. My tone is only 25 sec and 1MB. I tried few times and failed. Please help!

  • Amisha

    this is great. it worked in the first go! though had to concentrate on the instructions. But i have my ringtones from my blackberry so am excited

  • Jo

    Genius!! Thank you – brilliant step by step guide. I’ve been searching around for ages for a guide to do this. (I’m a PC!)

  • karimm

    Thanks a million for this great tutorial.

    Just one small correction that needs to be done.

    On step 5, if you’re using Windows(don’t know about Mac), you have to LEFT-click the file first and then RIGHT-click it.
    Right-clicking only doesn’t show the “Create AAC option” for some stupid reason.

  • Paul

    Thanks, this was the BEST explanation out on the inter webs 🙂 worked great for me. no i have massive ringtone selections

  • questionmark69

    Thanks!! This is the only tutorial I managed to follow… 🙂 Worked for me!

  • Alison

    Worked like a dream, thanks.

  • Mrs_Blonde

    This worked like a charm, thank you so much!!

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  • you don’t need to do all that if you download iringer create your rig tone then instead of dropping it into you phone you drop it in to tone in you library (in iTunes 11) select and hold desired ringtone a side bar should appear with your device name all you do is drag the tone on to it

  • nikhil

    created m4r format tones cannot be copy to itunes. can u give me a solution for that

  • Z

    I never would have figured this out myself…you’re AWESOME!! Thanks for the post 🙂

  • RUDY

    Hi I am using Windows and once I choose Windows Explorer and rename the file if I select “Delete” the file in iTunes ; it just deleted my file and not ask me about “KEEP FILE” ; can you explain how create a Ringtone using Windows please. THANK YOU

  • markeyboy

    very helpful. thanks a million!!

  • Kyle

    once it’s downloaded it and successfully put on my phone I can only make it a ringtone not a text tone

  • Steve

    ok, all good up to steps 10 & 11, when I dbl click the only thing that happens is the clip plays and will not load into Finder, either with dbl click attempts to drag it. (I have an iPhone 5, Mac iTunes 11). Any ideas? btw, it didn’t work with either a 20 sec. or 40 sec. clip.

  • Rhian

    i have windows and if i double-click the file(m4r) to move it to itunes, it does not allow me. please reply with help! this is so frustrating and i cant figure out how to do this!!

  • Gupps

    Worked great, thanks!!! The only addition I would add is to go back in to the original file and uncheck the start and stop times so that when the song plays next, it’s the full song.

  • re5513

    Great. Now, tell me how I can delete a ringtone from iTunes. Step by step, just like you showed above.

  • ieva

    i did al steps 1-10, but then i double click on sond, it plays on itune, but not apperas in tone section… can you help me..

  • ieva

    I did all steps from 1 to 10, but when I double click on ringtone it only plays on itune, but not appears in “tones” section, can yo hellp me?

  • flashtivo

    Create a ringtone from a song in iTunes 11 on a Mac

    1. Open ITunes.

    2. Click on Music

    3. Search for the song you want to make a ringtone from

    4. Click on the Names column header until that song is at the top of the list

    5. Double click the song to play it

    6. Watch the seconds time counter to see where you want your ringtone to start within the song

    7. Write down that time

    8. Right click on the song

    9. Click on Get Info

    10. Click on the box in front of Start Time

    11. Enter the time from step 7 above

    12. Click on the box in front of Stop Time

    13. Enter a time 30 seconds or less beyond the start time. This will be the length of your ringtone. For example, if you specified a start time of 0:10, specify a stop time of 0:40 or less.

    14. Click OK

    15. Right click on the song

    16. Click on Create ACC Version

    17. Soon you should see another version of your song just below the original song. The new song will have a Time of 30 seconds or whatever length you specified in step 13 above.

    18. Click on the shorter version of your song and drag it to the desktop and drop it. You may have to make your iTunes window smaller so that you can see your desktop, to drop it on.

    19. Right click on the shorter version of your song in iTunes and Delete it. Click Move to Trash. This is an important step. If you don’t do this, later steps will not work.

    20. Right click on your original song in iTunes and click on Get Info.

    21. Uncheck the Start Time and Stop Time, so that your song will play normally in the future. Click OK.

    22. Right click on the song on your desktop. Click Get Info.

    23. In the Get Info box, find the Name and Extension section. Click on the name of your song and right arrow to the end of the name. You should see .m4a at the end.

    24. Backspace one character and change the a to an r.

    25. Press the Enter key. You will get a warning. Click on Use .m4r . The file is now a ringtone.

    26. Close the Get Info window.

    27. In iTunes, click on Tones on the left side

    28. Right click on your song on the desktop and drag it to the iTunes window and drop it. Your song should now appear in the Tones list.

    How to get the ringtone on to your iPhone

    1. Connect your phone to your Mac

    2. Click on your phone on the left side of the iTunes window

    3. Click on Tones at the top of the window

    4. Make sure that Sync is checked. Click either All tones or Selected tones.

    5. If you click Selected tones, be sure to check your new ringtone

    6. Sync your phone.

    • mike

      i have done everything you said, and double checked as well. everyhting is in m4r, the songs showed up in tones, I synced my phone, and all of my tones are still the defaults that come with the phone. I have also read through the other questions and noticed other people are having the same problem but you do not answer their question. What else do I have to do to see the ringtone appear in my I phone so that I can select it for a ringtone? Is there something I need to change on my Iphone’s settings for this to work?

  • Danny

    i Got a Problem , i Cant Sync the tones to my iphone 5 from my itunes. It Appears Tunes at my itunes but when i sync i just get some ringtone but another some wont get sync to my phone , what Problem is this ? i tried whole day keep fail…

  • Sally

    It works well! Thankyou for the tutorial~

  • Bonnie Jean

    thank you 🙂 The article helped and the comments further helped me troubleshoot.

  • Karen Zinn

    In step 5, my window only shows “create an MP3” as an option, not AAC – I am on a Mac, and using itunes 11.05. Is there a setting in itunes that allows me to change this?

  • Mike

    Very clear and excellent instructions. Many thanks

  • Bill

    Will this work if your music is on IMatch? I’ve tried following the directions but nothing seems to happen.

  • bm

    this doesnt work… as soon as i change the file to m4r it doesnt transfer over to Tones…. please help

  • Mandi

    I’m so fusterated it doesn’t say on mine create AAC version. I did exacely what you said to do! D:<

  • checkpointcheryl

    did not work – all steps work fine until the end, the new file does not show up in the tones or anywhere else — seems to vanish 🙁

  • Carlos Ishmael

    On the PC, after changing the codec to mp4r, then going back into iTunes and deleting the mp4r, iTunes automatically places the ring tone in the tones folder

  • Hannah

    Everythings working, it was pretty simple, but when I double click to send it to tones its not there? im on windows

  • PK


  • Chi

    The reason that the tone created is not sync to the iphone is the length of the tone. Try to keep it under 40 seconds, and it should work.

  • Aj86

    Excellent. Works perfectly.

  • Hacksaw

    I didn’t have any problems, just wanted to say these instructions were very straight forward and made a relatively complex process extremely simple. Well done Simon

  • heather h

    I cant change mine from a .m4a to a .m4r
    HOW DO I DO IT (on a windows computer)

  • NCBlue

    Anyone having an issue not seeing the AAC or if it is greyed out. Make sure the actual mp3 is showing in your library and that if it is showing in iMatch it has been downloaded. If it isn’t that will prevent you from making an AAC version for copyright reasons

  • jbow

    Hi, I got the cip I wanted, changed it to M4r, it is in my “Tones” folder in iTunes but I cannot get it to my iPhone5. I tried doing a sync and it copied all my albums from my computer to my phone until it ran out of space. I do not keep music on my phone, I use Spotify. I WOULD like to use some custom ringtones but am hung up with the M4r in my tones folder, I managed to delete all the albums off my phone. Is there a way to SYNC WITHOUT getting everything? I see no option except “SYNC” and here comes everything again, don’t want that. Thanks.

    • jbow

      Clip, not cip…

  • jbow

    The answer tis that the ringtone can not be over 30 seconds long, not 40 seconds. I used this tutorial again with the same music, cutting it down to 29 seconds and put it in the “tones” folder then click dragged it over to mu iPhone (using iTunes). It started to sync a lot of other files and I just clicked the “x” beside the “progress bar and it all stopped, went to Settings>general>usage>music and deleted everything again. The rigntone is on my phone, works, and all my space isn’t used up by music! All is well… 30 seconds MAX.

  • Cristina

    thank you 🙂

  • Pash

    Works perfectly, done it like in 5 minutes following the instruction

  • C

    Hi I cannot get my ringtone to appear in the tones tab on iTunes. I’ve followed the steps and it is an m4r file. I have windows 8? Is that why I can’t open it up???

  • coopdog1

    I found it doesn’t work when you do “show in finder”. You need to drag it onto your desktop and then re-drag it into your tones. That worked for me.

  • Satish

    Awesome, THANKS..I really lost hope that iPhone cannot play customize ringtones..your step by step instructions WORKS..I am so amazed that i am playing my favorite ringtone 🙂

  • David Frank

    Where is the “tones” folder?

  • Bobbi

    I get 1-8 fine. When I hit delete it completely deletes the song.
    Do not get the window asking if I want to send to recycle or keep file. What am I doing wrong?

  • Erica

    yes! worked! Thank you! Follow the instructions but at the end when he says “You can now sync it to iPhone as a ringtone or text tone. Enjoy!” Be sure before you Sync your phone that you go to the tones tab on top and check the box to Sync tones so it will show up in your ringtones section on your phone.

  • sonni

    thankfull to yu its worked followed yu step by step n iget ma fav tone thanks

  • ??

    don’t forget when you got the ringtone in your iPhone, go back to the music, right click the music that you just select to create a ringtone, select get info, select options, and uncheck the start and stop time, then ok. However, if you don’t do it, every time you play the music on your desktop, it will be started based on your ringtone time

  • Honest Bob

    You sir, just stopped me from returning my brand new iPhone. Thank you. this should be tops on the google list. so many have this problem.

  • Venkatesh

    Hi, that was a great tutorial. I tried and completed all the 11 steps. I can see it in under the Tones in my iTunes library. But could not see the same in Tones folder when I access it through the Settings-> Sounds -> Ringtone. Dont know what is the mistake that I am doing. Please help.

  • Chuck

    Worked perfectly.The amount of steps are a bit annoying but worked like a charm. Thanks

  • The Doctor

    the .m4a doesnt appear on the file so I cant change to .m4r

  • Jagan

    I am windows os in that version 9 step is not seen …how to overcome this help me

  • Donna

    Thank you!

  • Moetanche

    WORKS!! Just remember when you’ve successfully created the ringtone to go back to the original song and UNcheck the start and stop times so that it will play that song as normal in its entirety.

  • Helpmeplease

    Perfect instructions! simple, clear and effective!

  • Ian

    this process has worked great for me twice now. thank you!

  • Dave West

    Do you know what to do when iPhone wont send pictures?

  • TIFF


  • pragnesh

    guys mp4 to mar can not transfer directly . but you have to download music conveyer than u can drag mp4 file in it than it directly transfer it to mar file than it will show automatically in iTunes tones section . try it very wasy

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  • Ken

    I just wanted to tell everyone that I finally got it all figured out. Thanks to simonblog for the instructions for creating the ringtones for iPhone and to Johnny for helping get the tones to my iPhone 5s. It all works now an I am a happy camper. Thanks again!!!

  • marc

    As you can reveal from Finder, the song file is in .m4a extension and we’ll change it to “.m4r”, which is the file extension for tones. so now i’m getting the problem here.i’am win 7 user and 11itunes .now who will change it for me? it’s still on m4a format.

  • Jstar

    The most. amazing walkthrough… EVER.

  • Arthur Wright

    I have been trying to create a custom ringtone on a i4S ios 8.2 using widows xp service pack 3 and I seem to have a problem when it comes to deleting the new shorted file (m4r) from the play list as required to do but the process seems to be “back to front”. The instructions which informs you to delete this shortened file but select “KEEP” , but this only happens if you choose the original mp3 file and the new shortened file when deleted does so with out the option of “KEEPING” Has any one got any ideas on why this is so

  • Nicole Jaja

    i changed the extension from mp3 to m4r, but since the ringtone is too long (full song) it won´t transfer into iphone, but when i now want to just put mp3 file of that same song onto iphone it won´t let me because it says that ringtone is too long, but i´m NOT transfering the ringtone but mp3 file so why won´t it go thru?

  • April

    I have this same issue.. wondering if there is a way to fix it?

  • denisedenise

    I can’t get past the m4r thing. can’t change the extension!!! ugh

  • denisedenise

    omg I did it! How it could be as simple as renaming!!! you would never think. It only took 4 hours! to download one ringtone!

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  • WinterIsComing

    have you heard of WALTR for Mac&PC?
    This app can do this really quickly and easy. All you have to do is simply to drag and drop
    Google it and you`ll see

  • Antar

    Thank you!!

  • Stephen Pratt

    This is driving me nuts, I’ve followed the instructions god knows how many times and still nothing? The ringtone I want which is converted to m4r isnt showing up in my tones in itunes, Ive tried dragging and dropping etc and for some reason it still isnt working??? Jaysus, even if youre not PC savvy these instructions are so easy to follow!
    Please help?

  • startmer

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  • Camille

    Worked for me, thanks! I had to tweak some stuff, but I made it work on Windows 10 & iTunes 12.