Apple Releases iTunes 11: What’s New

December 1, 2012 — by Sette Capati2



Apple Releases iTunes 11: What’s New

December 1, 2012 — by Sette Capati2

Apple releases a modified iTunes player, currently in version 11. iTunes 11 has a simpler interface with a “powered-up mini player.” It comes with an elegant graphical look packed with cross-device functionality, which gives users easy access to media files.

iTunes 11

“Apple released its 11th iteration of iTunes on Thursday, giving it a more graphical look and more cross-device functionality. Media files can now be paused and picked up in place between devices. “It has come a very long way from where it started,” said Yankee Group Research Director Carl Howe, “which was a jukebox player for syncing music to an iPod”

The iTunes 11 is one of the major releases of Apple since September 2010. This version is available on Windows and Mac OS X platform, and it is fully loaded with new features, enhance store interface and cloud syncing services.

Here are some of the roundup features of iTunes 11:

Default Sidebar Remove

I was uncomfortable when I first launched the iTunes 11, because I was used to browsing through the sidebar. Apple removed it, but if you want to get it back, simply go to the View menu and choose “Show Sidebar.”

Redeem Store-Purchased iTunes Gift Cards

Your loved ones can easily redeem store-purchased iTunes gift cards in this current version using the built-in camera on Macs and Window laptops to redeem the codes.

New Icon

Yes, the iTunes has a new icon as seen below.

Added Icon In Upper Right Corner

The previous version comes with the standard function of red/yellow/green buttons in the upper left corner. While the red and yellow button function the same except for the green button (the previous version would show the minimise player), an additional icon is located in the upper right corner of the window for the mini player as a toggle for minimise option.

Party Shuffle Gone

The Party Shuffle formerly known as  iTunes DJ was replaced by a “Up Next” option.

Cover Flow Replaced

This is a major overhaul in iTunes. The cover flow option while playing music is gone. It was replaced with the “Expanded View” feature.

What do you think about the new iTunes?

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