iPad Evolution in the Corporate World

November 30, 2012 — by Sette Capati0



iPad Evolution in the Corporate World

November 30, 2012 — by Sette Capati0

Could the iPad set the stage for business? Wouldn’t it be nice the company you currently work with provides you a stunning top-of-the-line iPad unit because it is necessary.

That’s really nice. In fact, the iPad is storming the corporate world.

iPad as a Business Tool

The tablet is gaining acceptance in the corporate world. Barclays Bank, a prominent UK company shelled out large amount of money and bought less than 8,000 iPad units for its employees. The Channel recently revealed.

“The buy, made with dealer Insight UK, is believed to be one of the largest roll outs of the iPad or indeed any tablet in the UK finance sector, and signals the growing acceptance of the tab tech in corporate land.”

It appears that there are more Apple enthusiasts, or should I say “Apple fan boys” in the bank’s ranking. A representative told The Channel the reason behind the largest roll out and said, “The device will be used “to assist our branch colleagues to interact with customers, improving the customer experience”.

iPad as a Sales Tool

As an avid user of Apple products, I have deemed them for mere entertainment and pleasure, particularly the iPad. Still, I believe the iPad evolution is going to explode in the coming years, especially in business. The iPad can be used as a sales tool in the following industries:

Real Estate  – Sales agents use the tablet to assist them in presenting the images of properties to possible clients. Although there’s nothing wrong showcasing the properties using a decent laptop, what makes the iPad an agent’s aid is due to its portability. The list of useful apps for realtors is endless.

I recently stumbled a post on, an Australian blog featuring 10 ways how a realtor could use the iPad:

  • Use it for digital listing presentations
  • Show property photos and videos in high definition
  • Visit websites for doing CMA’s and show other related sites
  • Create a Demo Individual Property Website for a client right before their eyes
  • Instant database entry at open homes
  • Get directions
  • Show off real estate iPhone apps on a larger screen
  • Portable client management
  • Show details of current listings to buyers on the run
  • Checking email enquiries & setting appointments

Automotive – It’ll be easier for automotive agents to discuss the specifications of a vehicle to a client with images and videos, arrange payments and get real-time updates from the servers.

A prominent brand, Mercedes-Benz equipped its car dealers with iPad tablets for faster credit approval process of clients and real-time updates on promotions and deals without going to the showroom.

“Mercedes-Benz Financial is helping dealers be the first in the auto industry to use the new Apple iPad in their sales process. This is an extension of a successful mobile strategy: the company already has a program that lets customers make car payments via their mobile phones.”

Medial Field – The iPad is the reps’ weapon in medical sales. It’s more convenient for them to pitch their sales to doctors, present product information, and other useful presentations. Medical companies such as Abbott LaboratoriesMedtronic Inc. and Boston Scientific Corp. had already made the move.

The Wall Street Journal said,

“There appears to be something of an iPad arms race in the $200 billion medical-devices sector. Heart-device maker Boston Scientific recently bought 2,000 for its sales team, and orthopedics company Zimmer Holdings Inc. is rolling out more than 1,000 of the tablets. Stryker Corp., a Zimmer rival, said it has deployed iPads “and a number of applications” in a pilot program.

The iPad is not just used as a sales tool, but it is a powerful productivity tool for any type of business and profession. If you’re a developer, it’s highly recommended that you invest your time mastering your skills in creating productivity and business apps.

The evolution looks promising to aspiring and advanced developers.

What do you think? Do you see the significant growth of the iPad evolution in business and sales?

Photo: Creative Commons/Beacon Radio

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