iPhoneiPhone 5Tips & How-to

5 iPhone Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

November 30, 2012 — by Simon Ng0


iPhoneiPhone 5Tips & How-to

5 iPhone Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

November 30, 2012 — by Simon Ng0

This is a guest post by Twila B.

Studies show that the average smartphone owner uses their mobile phones primarily for texting (92%) and taking photos (92%). With all the hidden tweaks and features hidden inside the iPhone’s core, it’s not surprising that a lot of people haven’t yet realized how much potential their smartphones hold. The iOS 6, for example, has lots of new tweaks that you can use to make your life easier! Like…

1. Take Great Photos Faster

Since taking pictures is what we all usually do on our iPhones, it’s imperative to have the iPhone’s camera ready at all times. One of the key features on the iOS 6 is the camera icon on the lock screen. Just press the wake button and you’ll notice that the camera icon is now beside the unlock slider. However, you can’t tap the icon. To launch the camera you have to drag it to the top of your screen. And if you’re using your headphones, you can also take a picture by simply clicking on the volume controls on your headphone cord. This will speed up your photo taking and you’ll avoid blurred pictures because of your shaky hands!

iOS 5.1 Camera Shortcut 1iOS 5.1 Camera Shortcut 2

2. Check Your iPhone’s Signal Strength in Numeric Form

If you want a more accurate gauge of your signal strength, you can actually change it into numbers. First, dial *3001#12345#* and press Call. Your iPhone will then be set to field test mode. Just press and hold the power button until the slider appears. Then, press and hold the home button until your home screen appears. Notice that the signal bars have now turned into negative numbers? You want to get as close to zero as you can. If your signal strength indicator says it’s above -80, it means you have a strong signal. But if your signal falls below -100, it means you’re in a bad signal spot.

Signal Strength in Number

3. Access Siri Instantly

Since the iPhone 4, Apple has been trying to make their mobile devices usable for people with disabilities. So aside from VoiceOver (an iPhone feature that reads all options and messages aloud), the iPhone 5 now has a Raise to Speak feature for Siri. To enable this, just go to Settings -> General -> Siri and then turn on the Raise to Speak option. Once this feature is on, you will be able to access Siri by simply holding up your iPhone to your ear (when the screen is on) and telling Siri what you need after the customary chime. Also, Siri will be speaking to you through the earpiece instead of the speakers.

4. Set a Special Vibration for Callers

If you’re busy and don’t have time to check your caller ID, an easy way to know who is calling is if you’ve assigned a special vibration pattern to your important contacts. Just go to your Contacts, choose a specific contact person, tap Edit and choose Vibration. Scroll to the custom section and select “Create New Vibration”. You can then record your own vibration pattern. Now you will know if your wife or kids are calling you even without looking at the screen!

new vibration pattern

5. How to Block All Calls and Texts

Sometimes, you just have to take a breather and move away from all the tweets, updates, texts and calls. Do this by scheduling a specific time-out on your iPhone. Just go to Settings -> Notifications and tap Do Not Disturb. Then, schedule a time when you don’t want to receive any notifications. You can also cherry-pick some people who will be allowed to contact you even during the time range you scheduled!

iOS 6 Do Not Disturb

Finally, the key to maximizing your iPhone’s potential is to simply explore. Discover more ways to use your iPhone effectively and you’ll be rewarded for being a great smartphone user!

This is a guest post contributed by Twila B. She is your typical geek girl who loves her iPhone so much she even blogs about it at CashforiPhones’ blog site. The site features tips and news about how and where to sell your old and broken iPhone for fast cash.

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