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Turns Your iPhone Into Interactive Controller with Xbox SmartGlass

November 29, 2012 — by Adeel Qayum0

To enhance the gaming experience on video game consoles, a number of apps have been released. Xbox SmartGlass is one such application that took some time to arrive on iOS, but now it’s finally here. This app turns your iDevice into a controller for the Xbox 360. You can play games, open applications and perform other functions using your device. Interference On Forex Platform Binary Options Demo Broker Account It’s not extraordinary, but offers enough to be on your “must-have” list. Having an Xbox live ID is a pre-requisite for using Xbox SmartGlass. When you initiate the app, you would find tutorials. The purpose is to make you at ease with the functionality of the app. You can also use the Bing search engine to know which games are highly ranked these days. In addition to this, a custom search for your game of interest can also be done.

Xbox Smartglass App

The management portion does wonders for your Xbox Live Account. Your viewing stats and scores in different games are managed quite accurately. Remote launch is also possible with this app. Additional controls can be seen in the “controller” section, which allows you to remotely access the dashboard (through swiping the screen). This is only done when the Xbox is being used with SmartGlass.

The social context is also a part of the app and can be seen in the “Social” tab. You can see your avatar (which can be customized), messages and notifications in this tab. On the top right corner of your screen, a message icon allows you to access messages.

The features like privacy settings, sounds and Auto-play-all can be modified through the Settings menu. There’s also a discover section that lets you browse for new games and movies.

Xbox SmartGlass is a free of charge download from the App Store. Let us know if you try it out on your Xbox 360.

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