10 Creative Ways to Use Your iPad

November 28, 2012 — by Sette Capati1



10 Creative Ways to Use Your iPad

November 28, 2012 — by Sette Capati1

Have you ever wondered how you can maximise your iPad? I have thought about this lately on how I can use my iPad in 10 creative ways, and I’m thrilled to share my list with you.

With the plethora of apps on Apple Store, you might as well try other ways to make your iOS experience more engaging and personalised.

1. Sound System

Your iPad is your ultimate song storage and jukebox king while on the road. I know the tablet’s size is quite intimidating to make it more functional like the iPod Touch. The iPad is all you need especially when you hit the play button on Music app – album art, lyrics, podcasts and more.

Download your favourite song on iTunes Store and you’re ready to roll. You can also adjust the EQ in Settings app to make it more lively than ever.

2. Photo Booth

If you are using the new iPad you will enjoy a new level of photo shoots with its Retina display. Although the quality of photos is different from a standard DSLR camera, the  outcome of a simple shoot during daylight shows the seamless colours in its 5.0 megapixels.

Tons of Photo Editing and Sharing apps are available on App Store. Take advantage and make your iPad a “photo booth” wherever you go.

3. Productivity Tool

Do you want to be more productive the whole day? Download some of the useful Project Management Apps for iPhone to Manage Your Projects. You can print documents using the PrintCentral app using a Wi-Fi connection without a direct software use.

Do you need to sign a document? SignEasy app is a functional tool for embedding your personal signature. CalenMob, a native Google calendar app is highly recommended for task management and schedules.

4. Education Tool

The e-Textbooks are emerging. Printed books and textbooks are becoming obsolete while the demand of digital copies is increasing. Universities are embracing the benefits of e-textbooks because they are cheaper than the printed ones.

It’s more convenient to take notes using the iPad due to its portability and mobility. Students can even make presentations using the Keynote app or prepare documents and spreadsheets using QuickOffice Pro HD or any Office app.

5. Entertainment for Kids

Kids love playing games on iPad. Aside from games (e.g. Top Paradis Cove), downloadable e-books (TinTin, Grims’ Collection and more) for children are available on App Store. Spend more time with your kids and stir their imaginations with bed time stories using your iPad.

6. Coffee Table device – Digital Books and Magazines

If you want to save more space on your coffee table, better switch to eco-friendly, digital books – iBooks or Amazon Kindle app are highly recommended for bookworms and e-readers. Aside from e-books, e-magazines are also available on Newsstand app and other third-party applications.

7. Laptop Alternative

If you can’t carry your laptop, the iPad is a good alternative while on the road. If you can shell out the a few bucks, Logitech’s Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover Case is a good idea, and it  does look like a portable laptop.

Honestly, I have spent most of my time playing games, reading books and magazines, watching movies and listening to music using the iPad than my Macbook Pro.

8. Cook Book Aid

Tons of Cook Book apps are available on App Store. Most of us want to live a healthy lifestyle and it starts with our food intake. Check out Epicurious app with a variety of cooking recipes, shopping lists and photos of old recipes.

9. Sales Tool for Enterprises

Sales agents use the iPad as a sales tool to engage possible clients with the new products and services offered.

10. Artistic Application

When I think about artistic application, Paper app comes first in my mind. Unleash the artist in you and showcase your sketches using the iPad. There are quite a number of excellent apps for sketches perfect for web design mapping, jotting down notes using a touch pen, and paint that ideal portrait glued inside your mind.

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