Overgram: A Great App to Add Beautiful Text Captions in Photos

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Overgram: A Great App to Add Beautiful Text Captions in Photos

November 25, 2012 — by Adeel Qayum0

Addition of text and captions to photos on iOS devices can be done using the iOS application Overgram. The captioned photos can then be pasted where ever you want like on Instagram, Facebook and other public communities. Overgram has an edge over other similar offerings at the App Store due to its elegant display and eye-catching fonts. However, the app costs $0.99. Tag Archives Binary Options Trading Advice Bonus Money For Forex The good news is that the same developers have launched a free variant in the form of Overgram. A tiny logo will be present on the corner of every photograph that you caption using this this new application, which is the only drawback of the app. All other features are the same as in the Overgram app. New and more fonts, increased number of colors in the color palette and more alignment selections are present to work with.

Overgram App

To edit a photo using Overgram, you can add photo by two methods. Either you can click a new photo using the mobile’s camera, or you can select a photo from the iPhone’s media gallery. Overgram automatically adds all the photos to its own gallery, saving your time of opening the gallery from the start. You can change the dimensions of the photo, and the apps also allows you to cut and crop the photo once you have selected the desired one.

Rest of the editing can be done using the controls present on the wheel on the right side of the screen. First mark the position where you want to add the text by moving the test text to that location. You can then enter your own text in the test text space by double tapping on the test text.

Text Caption Added Using Overgram

You can also write in colored writing by selecting desired font color from a bar, which is visible on the top of the keyboard. The color bar presently available has to be searched whole to find the desired color. The presence of a color list could simplify things more when finding the right color for the text. To change the size of writing, you can use “+” and “-” buttons visible in the Size Section. Alignment of the text can be selected from center, right align or left align. Ten types of writing fonts are also available. Additional features can be selected from the Wheel. After doing the editing, you can save the image, share it or discard it, all done using the wheel.

The logo present in the picture is not too visible and can be easily overlooked as the drawback when considering the number of features present in it. The working of Overgram is very simple allowing the user to create perfect pictures with typography in lesser amount of time.

You can download Overgram for free. Let us know if you try it out!

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