Activoice: Open Google Services With The Help Of Activator Gesture

November 20, 2012 — by Adeel Qayum1

Cydia tweaks come out faster than App Store applications. Since Cydia does not have a very long approval system, developers are able to release new tweaks or apps in a short span of time. This can be seen from the launch of Ryan Petrich’s Activoice. It has been a couple of weeks since Google added voice input support in its search app. NowNow was recently released that made use of this feature, and now, Activoice has been made available for jailbreak users. The tweak makes good use of the concept used in NowNow by controlling Google Search through activator gestures, and isn’t only dependent on voice search. Read on for more details. Binary Option System X Autocock ويسترن يونيون سعر صرف اليورو ليبيا

Google Goggles, Google Apps, or any other service can be used with just a gesture. Activoice is not located in the default Cydia repos. You will need to go to ‘Manage’ > ‘Sources’ > ‘Edit’, and enter the url for a special repo:

This addition will be added to the database, and now you can search for “activoice” in the Cydia search tab. There is no dedicated menu for this tweak, and the tweak has to be configured through the activator menu. Before you go to the activator menu, you should make sure GoogleSearchapp is installed. The activator section includes options for; Goggles, Google Apps, Text Search, and Voice Search.

Each can be given a separate gesture. In order to hear the search results, go to the settings of Google search app and set the language to English (U.S). With this tweak, you will never need to manually launch Google search apps. Let us know if you try it out.

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