3 Office Suite Apps to Manage Your Documents on iPad

November 19, 2012 — by Simon Ng0



3 Office Suite Apps to Manage Your Documents on iPad

November 19, 2012 — by Simon Ng0

Apple has undoubtedly succeeded in illustrating the endless fun and entertainment you can have with the iPad – from watching HD films and playing games to listening to music and building your own virtual library. One of the most revolutionary capabilities the iPad offers us however is regularly underestimated by so many – I’m talking about the ability to take and access your work anywhere, as well as having a screen large enough to actually get it done.

There are an abundance of Apps which provide a complete virtual office suite, allowing users to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and even presentations while on the move. All of which offer an intuitive interface and unique benefits that make on-the-move productivity a breeze. Below I have selected my top three office apps to use on the go as well as an innovative feature which makes work out of the office even easier.

1. iWork

iWork App Suite

The Good: The intuitive interface makes it easy to integrate media into documents through Pages. Unlike many other suites you also have the ability to delete, duplicate and even export files straight to your online database on or as an email attachment. Keynote gives you the same options as on an actual Mac with animated transitions to presentations to a portfolio of images to add to your document.

The downside: Although it’s one of the best, it’s also one of the most expensive as each app costs $9.99 and must be downloaded separately. That means, it’ll cost you $30 to get the suite of apps (including Pages, Numbers and Keynote).

2. Quickoffice

Quickoffice Pro HD

The Good: Quickoffice, now owned by Google, has long been an established cross-platform mobile office productivity suite. What’s really good about Quickoffice is the ability to import a wide range of files from a variety of sources including, Dropbox and Google Docs. The layout is attractive and easy-to-use, making working away from your physical office a breeze. It’s also far cheaper at only $19.99 for the complete package, meaning you get loads of features for a fraction of the price.

The downside: The menu requires too many tags which can sometimes be a pain to use, while the files only appear in an alphabetical list.

3. Microsoft Office via CloudOn

Cloudon Service for Office

The Good: Admittedly running Windows on an iPad can be a little disconcerting experience at first, given how they aren’t designed for each other. However the CloudOn service nicely integrates the Windows versions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel, as well as the Adobe Reader, with the native keyboard and Share facility. This makes it a very handy option considered that the CloudOn app is free to download. It even uses your existing Dropbox or Box Cloud storage for files.

The downside: Only one major flaw is Internet connection is required.

Add-on Accessories

Paired with an external keyboard the iPad is an even better writing device, especially for longer pieces on office apps.

Using an external keyboard for writing frees up your iPad screen space to allow you to see more of the document, which is a great advantage when using office suites and can even enable some hidden features.
Most wireless keyboards work via a Bluetooth connection make them incredibly to travel around with compared to a laptop. I would seriously recommend buying a dedicated keyboard case as it makes you far more flexible in deciding where to write.

snugg ipad keyboardThe point here is just because your iPad came without a physical keyboard in the box, there is no reason not to pair it with one. In fact, for health and comfort reasons, it is a good idea to pair any laptop computer with an external keyboard when you are planning to write for an extend period of time.

The Snugg iPad 3 keyboard case is one such add-on, keeping your iPad safe and secure while also doubling up as a keyboard so you can work on the move.

What’s your favorite office app? Leave us comment and share your thought.

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