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TuneBooth Allows You To Control Music With The Help Of Gestures

There are so many music players in the App Store. Every music player offers a different functionality. Some are dependent on a unique interface, while others are focused on enhancing the listening experience of music lovers. Tunebooth is a newly released music player that adds gesture based controls, with an interface quite different from the stock music app. Read on for more details.

The library section of Tunebooth presents the option of making playlists, and the option to search for songs. Like most music players, you get the option to search through songs via Artists, Genres, Albums, or Track names. When you tap on the song you want to play, you can switch to the Now Playing screen with a simple swipe downwards. Tapping the screen will bring up the playback controls, while tapping the top left button switches between lyrics and album art. The best thing about the Tunebooth player is that it works with both gesture controls. Playlists can be created while listening to songs, and they are made automatically.

Since there are so many gestures that can be used, the app presents whole menu in which you can set the gestures you want to use. Examples of gestures include swiping downwards to decrease volume, or upwards to increase it. Other gestures include Swiping to change songs, flicking to skip a song, and skipping a particular song with a simple flick.

The app also makes a history of the songs you listen to and sorts them according to ‘Most Played’, ‘History’, ‘Best’, etc. Another great feature is that it allows you to choose from different themes, and customize the app the way you want. Icon texts can be changed, along with button placement, and the changes can be based on your personal preferences. If you’re left handed, you’ll just love this app since all the important buttons can be kept on the right side for better facilitation.

By making $0.99 in-app purchase, you get the option of ‘Web tab’. This tab lets you search for songs on YouTube, gives you songs that match your listening preferences, and allows them to be shared on social networks.

You can download Tunebooth for $0.99 from the App Store. Feel free to leave comments.

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