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Find Your Lost Wallet With Wallet TrackR

November 16, 2012 — by Sette Capati0

Have you ever lost your wallet? Or probably misplaced it and clueless where you left it?

This is a dilemma, and when you realized you actually lost it, you need to call you bank and cancel the credit cards, replace your driver’s license and other important IDs.

What’s worst, if you have ordered your burritos and margarita at the local Mexican restaurant with your friends without your cash that’s just embarrassing. Can Us Residents Trade Binary Options Bonuses Stock Market Index Of Mauritius

Thanks to the folks over Phone Halo, they were kind enough to think about such situation and were creative enough to provide a clever solution. You don’t have to lose your wallet again with Wallet TrackR. This new app-connected  Bluetooth card basically tracks your wallet, which means you need to have an iOS device to make it work.

“The Wallet TrackR is just what it sounds like, a tracking device for your wallet. It’s both thin and small enough to fit inside a credit card holder, and uses low-powered Bluetooth to connect to your iPhone through an application,” said Cody Lee, iDownloadBlog.

“Phone Halo applications connect wireless-enabled items (or items tagged with a Phone Halo partner device) to the Phone Halo ecosystem, allowing the software to track the exact position of these valuable items.  With our mobile applications, users can find lost or misplaced items.  And on the web, our dashboard provides a single portal to track valuable items.”

Basically, the app-connected device alerts you when you are leaving your wallet behind within the range of 200 feet using Bluetooth 4.0. Automatically, the owner will be prompted as soon as possible before he leaves that certain range. However, if you miss the alert, you can still track your wallet using GPS technology. Wallet TrackR will tell you the GPS location where you left your wallet.

One of the features of Wallet TrackR is the 18-month battery life. The batteries are replaceable. Amazingly, this thin device alerts you on wherever you go. Just slide it inside your own pocket, or you can also use its fashionable wallet designed by Franc Fernandez.

The Wallet TrackR is not yet available in the market. The developers are using an open-source crowd funding tool to raise money to kickstart its production – $19 gets you on the pre-order list.

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