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iOS 6 Tip: How to Attach Multiple Photos or Videos in Mail App

It is cumbersome to email multiple of photos or videos using your iOS device due to limited features. Basically, the default option allows users to send five photos or videos only. However, there’s a practical way to attach these photos. It’s simple and much convenient.

The best way to send photos, prior to iOS 6 is to launch the Photo app and select the files and tap the sharing button via email. One of the features of iOS 6 included an intuitive photo stream. That’s not all, iOS 6 allows users to send files using this direct insert method for multiple photos, (more than five photos) in a few taps.

To attach multiple photos:

1. Launch the iOS 6 Mail app.

2. Tap Compose button found at the bottom right corner

3. Tap and hold in the body text.

4. From there, you will see an option to Select, Select All, Paste.

For iPad users: You will see the “Insert Photo or Video” option.

How to Attach Multiple Photos iPad

For iPhone/iPod Touch users: Tap on the right arrow to see the additional option.

5. Tap the “Insert Photo or Video”

How to Attach Multiple Photos iphone

6. Tap on the photo or video you wish to insert and tap Choose button.

7.  This function will add photo or video on email.

8. Tap Send button.

How to Attach Multiple Photos iphone

The above-mentioned how-to-guide is the only way to add multiple photos (more than five photos) as attachments using your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It’s easy and less tedious.

For mail tips, you can also read this simple guide on how to track important emails on your iOS device. There are many tips and tricks on how to maximize your iOS devices.

If you have any concern on how-to-tips, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. evadesoft May 17, 2013 at 4:45 am #


    There is an app called “iMail It!” which allows you to select as many files as you want and attach them in an email.

    The link to the AppStore is!/id646763270?l=es&ls=1&mt=8

    Hope this helps!

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