Your iPhone Will Never Run Out of Battery With Everpurse

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Your iPhone Will Never Run Out of Battery With Everpurse

September 12, 2012 — by Sette Capati5

You need to see this new project called “Everpurse” I stumbled upon the Kickstarter website. Your iPhone will never run out of battery with this purse. Everpurse totally rocks. It’s challenging to preserve our beloved iPhone battery while using the Wi-Fi, the unending Instagramming of food and Tiny post of ideas throughout the day.

Let’s unbox the Everpurse project and see what it’s got. As It Is Correct To Operate In The Market Forex Forex Of Brokers With Low Spray Your-iPhone-Will-Never-Run-Out-Of-Battery

The project has landed this week at Kickstarter spearheaded by Elizabeth Day Omersher Salcedo from Chicago, Illinois. The project brags with the headline, “Never worry about running out of power again! Charge your phone, all day, right in your purse.”

“Everpurse comes with enough battery power to take your iPhone from 0% to 100% twice over! You can leave home early in the morning, go through a full day of work (Facebooking, Instagramming, games, calls and web surfing) and still have hours and hours left of battery when you go out to dinner or party into the early morning.”

The Everpurse magically charges your iPhone wherever you are. I’ve watched the video and pretty amazed how it works. Ladies will definitely love the concept. But wait, even men were amazed during the product sampling.

The project was birthed out from Elizabeth’s frustrations on limited solutions to battery charging. Together with her husband, a serial technology entrepreneur and prototyping enthusiast, they come up with a stellar wireless perfect purse that is now patent-pending and ready for production.

Charge your iPhone with style using the Everpurse. There are 52 backers as of this writing with $6,549 amount pledged. The project has 33 days to go to complete the $100,000 goal.


The Everpurse comes in six styles. You can choose between three colors in fabric and leather. The purses come with charging mats.

Visit the Kickstarter blog for pledges and information.

Would you get one for yourself?

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