BrowseInApp Jailbreak Tweak Lets You Open Links Within Apps

August 8, 2012 — by Sette Capati0



BrowseInApp Jailbreak Tweak Lets You Open Links Within Apps

August 8, 2012 — by Sette Capati0

I found this new jailbreak tweak called “BrowseInApp” developed by Alan Yip that allows users to open links within the application without switching to your default browser. It’s a gem worth keeping. If you love surfing the web with your iOS device, you’ll appreciate its features in a practical sense.

BrowseInApp Jailbreak Tweak

One of the features of the iOS device is the freedom to browse through the internet. Mobility and portability keep us on track and focus on daily productivity, whether we use it for business or recreation. However, for years of using Apple devices, checking of emails has never been so easy and convenient.

Overlooking some limitations, somehow it bothers me whenever I open a link in a particular app, e.g Mail app. It automatically switch the app and opens the Safari browser to see the entire page. When I installed the BrowserChooser, I switched to Google as my default browser, but my concern remains unsolved.

BrowseInApp Jailbreak Tweak Settings

Alan’s BrowseInApp jailbreak tweak nailed it. I don’t have to switch to my default browser to see the entire page anymore. From the name itself, I can “browse in app” whenever I open a link on Mail app. Basically, the tweak supports opening a website or a link directly in the apps that don’t include built-in browser such as Mail, Messages and WhatsApp. Hopefully, the tweak will also include download support for various file types too.

BrowseInApp Jailbreak Tweak Mail App

The tweak’s description highlights its function: “To save your time and avoid such annoying and slow method!”

BrowseInApp Jailbreak Tweak Mail App Browse 
If you want to install this tweak, launch Cydia and tap Search. Type in “BrowseInApp” and install. Respring your device for the changes to take effect. Once it is installed, you can configure the options on Settings app. Toggle on and see how it works. The tweak also provides options to Open in Chrome, or Copy URL. You’ll see these options when you tap the arrow below.

BrowseInApp Jailbreak Tweak Mail App Browse Option

Expect some changes in the coming version with image viewer, download image support and fixed bugs. Currently, it’s in 1.0.0-2 version, compatible with iOS 4 and 5.x on Commercial Package for only $0.99 via BigBoss repository.

Above all, it’s a great tweak for iOS users that prefer mobile browsing.

The verdict: We give BrowseInApp jailbreak tweak 5 star-rating.

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