SearchEnable Adds 8 New Search Engines To Safari’s List

July 28, 2012 — by Adeel Qayum0

There is very little room for error for adding more options to the list of default search engines in Safari for iOS. A wrong entry can make the Safari useless. However, you don’t need to worry anymore as a clever iOS developer has released a new Cydia tweak called SearchEnable. This new tweak adds 8 new search engines automatically to Safari’s stock list, which natively includes the likes of Yahoo, Bing and the big G. There isn’t any option to add a search engine of your choice. However, the offered options would be enough for most people. Read on to know more!’

This tweak won’t have strong presence. After installation, there are automatic additions to the Search Engine list in the Safari menu of the stock Settings app. SearchEnable wil add many different search engines to Safari’s options. The complete list includes Baidu, blekko, Sougo, Volunia, Ask, Yandex, Wolfram Alpha and Evi (TrueKnowledge).

Entries of big guns like Google, Yahoo and Bing are left unaltered, and those can be reverted back to when desired. These sites added by SearchEnable aren’t much famous but there are likely to be people out there who are loyal to them. Consider Wolfram Alpha which has been gaining popularity in recent times. This might be enough motivation to download this tweak.

There has been a lot of effort that has been put in the tweak. The Safari search box txt has been targeted as well. Safari search area is going to display the name of the selected search site until it is tapped by the user once to being typing. This is similar to what happens on a stock search engine.

SearchEnable is a free of charge download at Cydia’s ModMyi repository. Future updates may include more search engines in the list. Let us know if your favorite one is up there!

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