Cydia App Compatibility List for iOS 5.1.1

May 31, 2012 — by Simon Ng62

cydia logoYou may already upgrade and jailbreak your device on iOS 5.1.1. Like any upgrade you’ve done before, not all apps or hacks in cydia are compatible with the latest version of iOS. iJailbreak has shared with us a nice list of cydia apps that are/are not compatible with iOS 5.1.1. So be sure you check it out before upgrading.

Apps/Hacks Compatible with iOS 5.1.1

Activator – An app launcher essential for many tweaks
Airblue Sharing – Share files over WiFi
Sliderwidth – Adjust width of lock screen slider
AndroidLock XT – Android-style lock password
AppList – Allows Cydia apps to see what’s installed on your iPhone
AppLocker – Sets passwords to apps
AssistantExtensions – Plug in voice commands for Siri
Barrel – Adds 3D effect to springbord
BytaFont – Change iOS fonts
BiteSMS – Send SMS messages outside your phone plan
BlurriedNCBackground – Aesthetic tweak for Notification Center
Brightslide – Adjust brightness with a gesture
Callbar – Overhauls iPhone notifications for incoming calls.
Celest Bluetooth – Bluetooth file transfer
Cleverpin – Lockscreen password settings
Color Keyboard – Keyboard themes
Copic – Displays pictures in contacts
Cydelete – Allows you to delete Cydia apps jus like standard apps
Dashboard X – Wigets in SpringBoard
Dockhide – Hides the app dock
DoNotDisturb – Disables alerts and banners
Dreamboard – Springboard themes, WinterBoard Alternative
FakeCarrier – Custom carrier name
Five Icon Dock – Expands the dock to five icons
Foldericonlagfix – Open folders faster
Forecast – Weather widget on lockscreen
gpSPhone – ZodTTD’s GBA emulator
Graviboard – Makes springboard icons float
Gridlock – Arrange icons however you want
iBlacklist – Filter unwanted calls and SMS
iCleaner – Free up space
iFile – File manager for iOS
iKeyWi – Adds 5th row of customizable keys to keyboard
Infinidock – Scolling dock with infinite files
Infinifolders – Allows for folders with over 12 apps
Infinite Tweet – Tweetlonger integration for posts longer than 140 characters.
IntelliScreenX – Lock screen widgets
iShakeLock – Shake To Lock
iSmart Dialer – Adds functionality to phone dialer
LocationHolic – Spoof locations
Mail Enhancer – Signatures, custom notifications, quiet hours, highlighting, HTML
Mobile Notifier – Alternate notifications system
MobileTerminal – UNIX-like terminal command line
MusicCenter – Music widget for notification center
My3G – Enable FaceTime over 3G
NC Settings – SBSettings for Notification Center
Now Listening – Displays songs in banner
OpenSSH – Allows for SSH communication
Poof – Takes apps of springboard
Protube – Download YouTube video and audio
Remove BG – SBSettings toggle to kill background apps
SbSettings – Allows you to toggle WiFi, 3G, SSH, and more anywhere within the iOS
Speed Intensifier – Speeds up interface
Springtomize 2 – Springboard customization
SwipeBack – Swipe back through iOS menus
SwipeSelection – Highlight text from the virtual keyboard
TetherMe – Adds tethering options on all carriers
UnlockFX – Slide to unlock animations
Weather Icon – Live weather icon displays current weather
WiFiFoFum – WiFi scanner and ‘wardriving’ utility
WiFi Passwords – Keeps a list of your Wifi passwords
WinterBoard – Theme your iOS
Wraparound – Infinite horizontal scrolling
Zephyr – Multitouch gestures, app switching, notification center peeking
Zeppelin – Replace Carrier name with custom logo

Apps/Hacks Incompatible with iOS 5.1.1

Display Recorder – records iPhone display
Firebreak – Enables panoramic camera
Hands-Free Control – Siri voice activation without home button
Mame4iOS Reloaded – Arcade emulator
Music Controls Pro – Music control and display settings
nes4iphone – Zodttd’s NES emulator
RetinaPad – iPhone retina graphics in 2X mode
Rotation Inhibitor – Prevents screen rotation
SMS Flooder – Annoy your friends with repeat SMS messages
snes4iPhone – Zodttd’s SNES emulator
Switchy – Expands the iPhone’s native app

Apps/Hacks Partially Compatible with iOS 5.1.1

Belfry – Install stock iPhone apps on iPad
BlurriedNCBackground on iPad
Slidetomod – Does not hide lock screen camera
IntelliscreenX on iPad
RetinaPad – iPhone Retina graphics on iPad

As you see, quite a large number of cydia apps should work with iOS 5.1.1. In case you discover any app that doesn’t work for you, please report back by leaving comment below.

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of

  • Linghuuu

    RetinaPad, ISX, Hands-free control, Switchy run well on 5.1.1…….

  • After downloading jailbreak I am unable to play music on my SiriusXm app. The app displays but no play lists etc.are accessible. Any ideas?

    • I lost ALL my music when I JB my ip4. What got it back was I went to the tracks and it had the icloud icon next to every song, as soon as I uploaded them to the cloud they all came back. I’m not too sure how or why it worked, but it did.

  • Kris

    Display Recorder works fine on iPad2 with 5.1.1

  • Evan

    Panorama doesn’t work on 5.1.1

  • V

    Slideaway doesn’t seem to work on mine (I have the iPhone 4 with 5.1 JB). It installs as normal and looks fine but as soon as I try to unlock my screen it crashes and restarts in safety mode :(. Which sucks cuz I LOVED slideaway ;_;

  • nikolaisrb

    Go to website , read How To Use Absinthe 2.0 (if you’re unjailbroken).


    I jailbroke my iPhone4 Sunday, no issues with battery so far. Installed Installous. Can intall apps via Installous, also via repos such as BigBoss, HackYouriPhone, etc. If you update iPhone to iOS 5.1.1 and use Absinthe 2.0.4, you should have no issues.

  • nikolaisrb

    I did not purchase a data plan/bundle with iPhone. Before jailbreaking iPhone4 I used to download applications via iTunes (from my PC) and sync with iPhone (so no cost except monthly bill for adsl line). Can I do the same now after jailbreaking ?

  • Edowada

    Are there any compatible themes that work on 5.1.1? I know that inPulse has the retina version, but it also has a bug that does not show the retina inPulse icons.


    Some apps in Installious will mess up your device so b careful i cannot remember with one i installed but when i installed it it respring and my home screen and every thing else was back to normal and i could not go in to cydia and could not go into safemode

    ipad 1>IOS 5.1.1 >itunes

    • Shweat

      I had the same problem too but it wasn’t over an app in Installous. I was trying to fix a problem i had with my folders, where there would be a grey square and a black background around it. I looked up how to fix it and installed WinterBoard, after that I did a respring and all my icons were back to it’s default settings and i couldn’t go into any of the apps i installed via Installous or go into Cydia.

  • nikolaisrb

    Installed Infinifolders (Allows for folders with over 12 apps), yet still only have 12 pages (folders) or 16 apps per page. Thought it will allow unlimited pages (folders) ?

  • 333

    Quicknote for notification center does not work on 5.1.1…

  • lllusion

    NCRotationLock & NCQuickDismiss crash Springboard & causes iPhone to freeze Apple logo on boot.

  • Pia

    Dreamboard srewed my ipad! I has to restore factory settings.. it made iot look bricked!!!

  • ik70702

    preference folders doesnt work for me on 5.1.1

  • Nate

    Slideaway 🙁

  • Abcdvos

    Sms flooder is crashing on iOS 511. Ia can’t even open it

  • SeanAaron25

    Gridlock is working on 5.1.1 along with Infinifolders. Also is FoldeerEnhancer and color keyboard. They both have been updated via Cydia. Oh, didn’t see it on your list but cascade is working as well. Sweet dock app that works great with infinidock. thanks

    PS: Want to get a list of what themes for iPhone and iPad ARE working under 5.1.1? Hunting down and trying one that works is getting old. (Icon Harvester is great and works under 5.1 for this, btw).

  • I have had issues with gridlock on my i phone 4. I have a few things already installed and everything was perfect all working together but as soon as I installed gridlock I started getting kicked out of any app I tried to go into, and my springboard would constantly crash causing me to ” restart ” which really started to worry me. I decided to uninstall gridlock and that seemed to fix it. is gridlock not as compatible as they thought. I also realize that springtomize will do what ” status tint ” and a couple others I have on my phone, I just haven’t uninstalled them yet. that may be part of the issue. what do you guys think ? this is what I have installed on my i phone 4.

    Auto App Killer
    Corner Volume
    Custom NC Background
    Gridtab For Safari
    Springtomize 2
    Status Tint

  • iOS 5.1.1 jailbroken etc. (Color Keyboard) crashes any app every time the keyboard is opened

    • iPod touch 4th gen btw

    • I am running 5.1.1 WITH color keyboard and a boat load of other tweaks and I have not one issue. not even when I go landscape with it.

  • tim


    jb Absinthe…… really easy to use … it

    these also dont work :-

    blue flame battery

    there is a few that are just not compatable with 5.1.1 like

    sms+ which would be really useful :0(

    my favorite has got to be cleverpin

    • I also HAD to have some type quick reply/compose option so I went with Bite SMS and at first it was a bit laggy but now it’s money ! it works perfectly. you can also look at ” Messages + ” that one looks like apple designed it but bite SMS has more options. I have a lot installed on my I phone 4 and bite works flawlessly !!!

      P.S. My above post has a list of what’s on my phone. ip4
      IOS 5.1.1

  • sabeer

    hi my friends,

    i am fist time buy iphone how can instal Cydia App pls tell me.

  • tim

    if you scroll back upto the post made by ‘nikolaisrb’ that will tell you how to jailbreak i used it, it has to be the easyist break out there,
    yeah,,,greg78 just trialing the byteSMS i’m liking it,,,,cheers dude
    but which is better sms+ or byte…..

    • @Tim

      I tried both Messages+ and bite. I found bitesms to be more to my liking. It gives you more options all around and I also have an all red & black theme set up on my phone and I found a red theme add on for it so now I’m never switching back. Messages+ on the other hand looks like it was done by apple ( and should have been ! ) and some people love a stock IOS look and just want a quick reply and compose feature. If that sounds like you go with messages+. But if u like options stick with bite.

  • @ Tim ( again )

    Sorry man, i misread your last comment. I don’t really know to much about SMS+. I misread it for Messages+.

  • Tim

    does anyone know how to get passed an error in ifile,,
    what happened, i edited a string (system pop up message) batt % remaining,not consentrating i added extra inverted comma’s at each end and saved it,,istrings now wont let me back into edit the file and just comes up with “property list,,,bah bah/bah/,,….invalid: unexpected character” at line 1
    with out a restore….any ideas???

    • Hey man, sorry to hear you are having an issue. and not only that but of all things an issue with i file cause that dives right into the OS. I don’t have a solution but has what seems to be excellent support when it comes to JB apps and tweaks also any issue in general, Cydia wise that is. Check em out and good luck Bro !

  • tim

    what a tease…i can view the file using ifunbox but i cant edit it,,so no joy yet,,i’m checking out see what comes up there,,,oh btw i bought ‘bite’ in the end like you say very cool with options,,,
    cheers dude :0)

    • Anytime brother, I hope you get the support you are looking for. Mac seems to be good as well for support just make sure you are in the correct thread for questions with that site. I am very close to buying i file because of the huge benefits it provides but I am also a semi rookie when it comes to code line and technical computer or OS systems, and installs like moble terminal. On a side note if you don’t have ” CallBar ” installed yet definitely do youself a favor and check it out in Cydia. It’s the bite sms of incoming and outgoing phone calls. Besides ” bite SMS ” it is the best tweak I have ever purchased ! It’s super solid, even with a boat load of tweaks installed including bite SMS !

  • ask your mum

    thats fucking answer by (greak 78)
    tell me when your birthday will give you a nokia 3310 like durux condom

    • Right man @ tim ??? what’s your problem @ ” ask your mum ” ??? I can only assume that your BS comment was directed at me because I’m the only name on here that is even remotely close to the name you put in ( ). I normally would tell you to pound sand but I am curious as to what you were TRYING to type or say ? what about my answers ??? and why do I want a 3310 nokia like durux condom ? what does that even mean ? were you looking at the keys when you were typing ? or drunk, or mad at the world ? or are you just a troll ?

      P.S. Thanks for the support tim ! much appreciated man !

  • tim

    chill man whats with the swearing,,,no need..

    and if you are going to insult people you dont even know please get your spelling right

  • tim

    i too would like to know what inspired this odd rant ??

    still moving on …all be it off the page topic..i have looked at callbar,it does look good but i dont think its for me,,

    do you use your notification centre,, a really great tweek for that is “cydia-searchNC” i have used it far more than i thought i would,

  • I like the Call Bar for the simple fact that when a call comes in, the incoming call screen takes over your whole screen. I like the Banner up and out of the way and no interruptions. As with any tweak, their not for everyone. I do in fact use my notification Center. I have a custom NC. I have it tinted red to match my black & red theme. I also have the brightness, volume, wifi, airplane, respring, safe mode, reboot and location widgets in the NC so I can toggle any of them on/off fast. I also put weedata tracker in my NC as well as weecontacts, which puts your favorites from you phone contacts in the NC. and I have a custom background that I can select from my camera roll. what does the one you were telling me about do ? I am ALWAYS looking for great tweaks tim !

  • tim

    it adds a seach cydia bar to your nc,,so if say you want a tweek,drop the nc down touch the cydia bar,,type the name or part you think it is and hit enter,,it then opens up cydia in seach mode,,you will love this as i like you am always on the hunt for useful and cool tweeks this is the fastest way to check them out

    • Oh man ! Tim, thank you man ! I just got fired up reading the description you wrote. I’m all over it when I get home. have you seen ” check ” yet ? it lets you delete as many emails at one time as you want, instead of having to click on each email, one by one until you have all the ones you want to delete and then delete. it’s from big boss for free ! I also found call delete which is pretty much the same, you can wipe out all call logs at once or select which calls to delete. check is free call delete is like $ 1.49. both from big boss.

  • tim

    greg 78 e-mail me at [email protected]

    • Just did. it’s a gmail account. just want to make sure I didn’t get tossed into a spam filter or something like that.

  • tim

    no i dont need pills for primal functions,,no i dont want another wife, bah bah

    email account has been closed down

  • tim

    Did you get the mail?

  • Kriss

    is their any tweaks that lets me use 3g on other carriers?
    like i just move my iphone 4 verizon to virgin mobile but doesnt let me use internet. any ideas suggestions? anything helps

    • Are you saying that you can’t use internet just over 3G with virgin ? or are you able to use it over a wifi connection with virgin ? I’m not to sure if there is a cydia application that can help you. I scan Cydia a lot and I don’t ever remember seeing anything like that. what made you pick Virgin ? I know T-Mobile is good and they have 4G speed. my cousin has been with them for years and has never had an issue and he pays $ 60 a month for unlimited EVERYTHING !!! If you can explain a little more thoroughly I may be able to help. I may also be wrong about the Cydia thing though. only because Cydia has just about everything ! and there is no way one can see all Cydia has to offer, so I may be wrong. give me as much info as you can and I will try to help as much as I can.

  • tim

    I am on the virgin network, I was with my old ip3g with no issues, when I bought my ip4S I bought one of those sim cutters shovelled what was left in to the phone and again all works (once it was setup)
    No cydia wont help you with connection issues,,,check your settings the phone doesn’t care what carrier you use
    My virgin package is 200 of each plus a gig of DL my average bill is £7 per month …my bro works for them so I get mates rates :oD

    • I wish my Brother worked at AT&T because I wouldn’t have to pay $ 90.00 A month ! for 3 gigs of Data and unlimited talk & text. What a rip off !!!

  • tim

    say does anyone know how much you can install from cydia before your IP starts to be come unstable,,like windows likes to use the hard drive for swap space,so if you fill your HD leaving too little for the system it slows down,,the HD starts chuggiing etc,,,i just wanna know as im filling up fast with all these lovely tweeks im down to 20.3%…so how low can you go!!!

  • tim

    $90 a month gosh that is a shed load of cash to shell out every month,,,
    these cash guru’s always say its cheaper to buy the phone outright then choose the provider,,,,i worked it out ,,for me based on my average the ip4s plus usage comes to £691 for 2 years….happy days!!!!

  • Bokkos

    iLock doesn’t appear to work, not as far as I can tell.

  • Sebastien

    I just downloaded Five Icon Dock and immediately after my iphone 3 running 5.0.1 started seriously bugging. I tried rebooting. When it turned back, I was back on the lockscreen I had before I installed a cydia lockscreen. I couldn’t do anything, the screen was frozen. Every few seconds the screen would go black and I would get the loading circle. This kept repeating. I tried holding the on/off button down for 10 seconds…hell, 20 seconds even…and nothing happened, it wouldn’t shut off. It just kept repeating the cycle I mentioned above. So I held the home and off button down together and the phone did shut off. Problem is, when it came back on, same problem. After a few times doing this I was finally able to access the home screen. Went into cydia and removed Five Icon Dock. Phone is fine now. Not sure what happened????

    • I believe that particular tweak was made some time ago so it may not be compatible or compatible with other tweaks or apps you have installed. try springtomize 2, it’s very solid and has an option to put 5 in your dock. it also allows you to put a row of 5 or more apps instead of 4 on your home screen(s).

  • tim

    Cheers for that I was thinking for loading up that one
    Yr saved me some grief

  • Van Nelson

    My facetime icon is missing after i install firebreak on ipad 3 5.1.1.. i also cant find it in settings and in spotlight.. i also disable restriction.. i also reboot my device many times.. i also delete firebreak from cydia but the facetime icon didnt show up..

    how can i restore the facetime icon and reappear it in setting menu.. pls. help.. anyone.. :C

  • Chocoju

    I installed a few of the cydia tweaks


    it made my 3G and wifi and data all turn off by itself as long as the phone screen ‘s off (black I set it off after 4 seconds) / or when I press sleep button

    I had more app tweaks before then I removed them

    I am not sure what cause it

    As my ipone 4, ios 5.1.1 now will turn off by itself (power off)

    pls shed some light

    thx 🙂

  • tim

    i have been running sbsetting and barrel for a few months with no issues,i do have cydia -seachNC,,which works fine

    first i would remove them all to get the device stable,so it does’nt switch off or anything odd then reinstall one at a time,
    my thoughts are that NCsettings and Sbsettings are conflicting

  • Jesus

    How to fix keypad of iPhone 4s?
    The characters of keypad it show like this ‘?’.

  • Firebreak

  • Anthony

    why won’t cydia let me install firebreak? it gives me an option to que it but no download..

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  • K-voh G Theuri

    Hi, i have really rried looking for whatsapp for ipad 1 ios 5.1.1 having jailbrocken my ipad with no luck please assist