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Snapseed 1.4 Update Compatible With iPad’s Retina Display and Instagram Sharing

April 21, 2012 — by Sette Capati0

Digital photo editing has never been so exciting since the advent of Adobe Photoshop in the mainstream. It was commonly used by amateurs (like me) and professionals alike. However, with the advancement of technology, even third party-developers on mobile industry tapped this area, and photo editing was never the same again.

You can edit photos from any portable device as long as the device is compatible for photo editing app. Now with a few clicks and taps, even an average Joe can edit a photo and create an artistic piece with different effects and filters. How To Earn Money On Poland Fedha kigeni Uganda For all Apple users, photo editing is fun, exciting and enticing paired with iPhone and iPad devices and with the new iPad iSight camera, Nik Software, Inc, still managed to stand out among the crowd and received Apple’s iPad App of the Year for 2011 with Snapseed.


These guys totally snapped the photo editing arena with the Snapseed 1.4 update that supports the stunningly-sharp retina display of the third gen tablet. The Snapseed app fully supports the fruit company’s latest tablet and devices on iOS 5.1.

Snapseed includes focal points, borders, filters and many more. The improvements on version 1.4 are:

  • Support for the new iPad (third generation) retina display
  • Ability to open photos directly into Instagram
  • Language support for Brazilian, Portuguese, and Arabic
  • Updated filters with increased quality
  • Center Focus filter has an added feature to control brightness at the center and at the edges of an image

Snapseed 1.4 version has the same interface as it was before the update. So for those who have been faithfully using the app for photo editing, the options are the same. However, considering the new iPad’s retina display, you will get to see every detail of the images you are editing. This will prevent you from any chance of pixel distortion. The app also supports Instagram.

For downloads, Snapseed 1.4 version is tagged $4.99 on App Store.

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