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ContactPrivacy Tweak Prevents Apps From Accessing Your Contact List

February 11, 2012 — by Adeel Qayum3

Some of you might know about the recent issue about a popular social app – Path. It’s under fire for copying your entire address book to the company without user’s consent. Though the company has rolled out a new version of the app to fix the issue, as a user, how can you prevent other apps from secretly copying your contact list? Stock Futures Expiration Dates Dow Jones Binary Options Strategy Mlm Here you are. A new tweak has been created to warn users that which apps can do the same thing.

Ryan Petrich, the jailbreak app developer, has created the app called “ContactPrivacy”. The app installs itself on the iPhone/iPad’s system and listens for any app to make a request to access the contact list. A system will popup will be displayed each time an app is detected enabling you to approve or revoke access.

The app warns the the users that now allowing the app to request the contact list may not allow them to recover successfully.

Installing the Tweak

You can install the tweak if you have a jailbroken iDevice. However, you first need to add the following repository in Cydia: / repo.

No icon will be displayed. The app will only display a popup if an app is detected requesting the contacts.

One thing to be noted is the app has neglected to put any mandatory check in for access to Address Book info as Apple restricts application access to the one’s own contact card heavily.

The process of uploading contacts to app developer serves isn’t something new and Path mentioned it will make the feature “opt-in”. ContactPrivacy will allow you to revoke access for most apps, giving you guys a sense of security.

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