Rumor: iPhone 5 May Be Launched At WWDC 2012

February 5, 2012 — by Adeel Qayum1



Rumor: iPhone 5 May Be Launched At WWDC 2012

February 5, 2012 — by Adeel Qayum1

Rumors about iPhone 5 are back. We know one thing for sure that it will be released in 2012. However, the fruit company deviated from it’s regular launch pattern when it launched the iPhone 4S in October instead of going for the regular June launch.

Apple and iPhone 5

The past is past! A report from Daiwa Securities suggests that the new iPhone will be unveiled at WWDC (Worldwide Developer’s Conference) in San Francisco this year. The A4 devices (3, 3GS and 4) were also revealed at the same event in the past years.

The announcement in June would make sense as iPhone 4 users will be eligible for a two-year upgrade on their devices this summer. However, the iPhone 4S users would be disappointed as they won’t be eligible this early. They might also see this as an injustice as it will not be the usual 12 month interval between two iPhone models. But it will give the fruit company an edge in the sense that those eligible for the update would think again before switching over to the Android handsets to be released near that time.

The report also informed about “glass to glass” touch panel technology for the new iPhone and the suppliers would be TPK Holding and Wintek. With the former occupying 85% of the manufacturing load. Though there has been no official announcement yet, a leaked calender from Moscone Center points suggests June 10-15 as it shows a corporate meeting schedule.

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The iPhone 5 expected to have a 4 inch display, a quad-core A6 processor and NFC. Apple enjoyed good success through the October launch of the iPhone 4S even though people buy an iPhone whenever it’s released. But the ideal shopping time is during the holiday season. Let’s see what they decide.

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  • Jeannette

    I had iPhone 3gs to end mars 2011, buy new iphone 4 and 1 week later was it stolen without jailbreak or any setting. Because of money I buy Garmin a50 an android phone. It was a difficult start… bu right now the Garmin works great with his law android system… 2.1 update 1 and 600 cpu. I keep this phone and buy end December the iphone 4s 64 gb… Yes 64gb was afther all to much… the phone is jailbreaking with GreenPoisOn Absinthe and he work fine. 1 problem start… it start by making the settings privet and bugging test… or I write some wrong in Terminal what I don’t think because it don’t find or accept the order or it start with downloading the flash… (Frash) seem not working anymore since IOS (+- 4.1.) around mars 2011, the time with the iphone 3gs. I look very hard to reset the safari but so far I don’t find a solution. Safari works… yes but it don’t show video… it is a white small screen with a loge and clicking on it don’t allow to open the video. Alternative app as Atomic Web browser & Skyfire allows seeing and open the video… So In fact is it not big deals that Safare crash or don’t work as it most be… Problem safari seems (JavaScript: Error and HTML: Warning on line 1 or 5.—— The iphone 5, JULY? So fast… I can’t do this… I think to wait to next year when the iphone 5s or 6 coming out and the reason is that I buy already different case’s (lifeproof) car adapters etc…. Iphone 5 goanna need other case etc… Ok people let me hope not to be suffer to hard when the iphone 5 coming out… Yes I like the Garmin A50 and iPhone 4S because I see now that so far only the jailbreak make the difference. It is possible that android gonna have a change in the future… I don’t know…let me hope that I find some solution for the safari… I share this story for fun… and who know that someone make time with a hint for the safari. O yes…. is there not a app for iphone equal as Kascend working on Android? Kascend is really a great app for download youtube clips or view. To now I don’t find an app so fine as this one… kascend! There is also something good as TubeMate… even Iphone don’t have something good as this Android app… Sorry I like the Iphone but there are strange things… A5 cpu and 600 cpu and the video play better on the little Garmin? Greetings to all!

    Sorry I’s Dutch!