Samsung’s iMessage Competitor, ChatON Now Available in the App Store

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Samsung’s iMessage Competitor, ChatON Now Available in the App Store

January 8, 2012 — by Farrukh Zafar0

ChatON from SamsungSay what you want about Samsung, but this Korean Company certainly knows its way around. In a move that surprised some, Samsung has made its ChatON available for Apple iOS devices, including iPhone, and iPod Touch. And this move to bring out its instant messaging app to the ‘iTerritory’ has come regardless of the fact that there is a raging war that Samsung is battling out with Apple in court. News Article About Stock Market Short Penny Stocks Scottrade Of course before you start off to go and download this app, you probably want to know what this app is about. So if you haven’t already heard about it, let us brief you. ChatON, in essence, is an Instant Messaging device aiming to change the way the world communicates through mobile devices. Yes, Samsung ChatON is an app that allows low-cost global communication. ChatON is aimed as a lightweight, cross platform, global app, and for this reason Samsung is making it available to other Platforms. ChatON is already available for Brada, and Android devices and the apps for Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7 are in the making.

While we must commend Samsung for taking its goal forward despite the court wars, what comes more as a shock is that Apple actually approved this app to be included in its App Store. As ChatON directly poses a threat to Apple’s very own iMessage service, which has just recently been launched with the release of the iOS 5 firmware. And this threat is very real, the main disadvantage to the iMessage service is that it requires an iOS device both at the sending, and the receiving end, and that too only for iOS 5 users, which is exactly the thing that ChatON targets. To use the Samsung ChatON you need nothing more than an Internet connection, WiFi or Edge/3G, and it will allow you to communicate with your friends globally regardless of the device that they own.

Why get ChatON? Well, aside the obvious multi-platform advantage, ChatON for iPhone gives you the option to chat with one friend, or enables you to create a group, and chat with multiple friends, it also allows you to broadcast a message to your ChatON contact list. ChatON also enables you to share Photos, Videos, location, and Voice Notes, Calendar enteritis, contacts.

Of course to be fair we have to mention that ‘Whatsapp’ is the current market leader in cross platform messaging, but ChatON is indeed a good competition.

Donwload ChatON on the iTunes App Store here!

Farrukh Zafar

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