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InstaPad: The Instagram Browser For iPad Is Now Available For Download! Forex Speedometer Download

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For all the tweeps (i.e. twitter users for those who don’t know) out there, you might have noticed that a lot of people in your timeline make use of Instagram as a photo-sharing service, especially if there are a lot of iPhone users in your timeline, as Instagram is still an iPhone exclusive application.

Instagram for iPad

Red Foundry Inc. seem to have stumbled upon the secret of Instagram’s success, for they have developed a simply interfaced unofficial application designed to allow the browsing of uploaded photographs in an ever more beautiful way. The application itself is called InstaPad, and comes locked, and loaded with features that are bound to impress even the hardcore Instagram users.

Instapad Screenshot

While photosharing is an all over loved experience, it is in tablets (whose size is more suitable) where they are most loved. So what are we getting in the InstaPad iPad app? As mentioned above, the design is simple enough, yet beautiful in its very own right. The first thing that the user sees is the ever needed login screen. The user needs to login via a valid InstaPad login ID, which authenticates you, and finally gives full access to the application. When the user logs in, they can browse through a grid of popular pictures, set in a design that does not clutter. Below each picture are the poster’s name, the like option, and the comments option. Familiar features exist, like viewing of galleries that are posted by users that you follow on social networking sites, along with the ability to like, and comment on them. Tapping on your username, or any other username you get the full photo stream by that user, along with the same comment/like option. All-in-all this application provides all of the features that a user usually needs. By the end of a session with InstaPad, you certainly get the feeling that a lot of work has been put in to it. While this application is indeed good, perhaps what it lacks is a little better scrolling, which feels a bit off.

Download InstaPad on your iPad here.

Farrukh Zafar

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