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Try Siri-Like Automatic Dictation on Jailbroken iPhone Analysis Of The Movement Forex Markets Hong Kong Stock Exchange Typhoon 8 Binary Option For A Living Bullet Review
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So what do you do when you want Siri, and don’t have an iPhone 4S? Sadly, nothing can be done yet, not until either Apple decides to extend its Siri project to older devices, or the prodigal hackers find a legal way to distribute their solutions. Of course while Siri might be unreachable, other solutions have started to pop up. One such solution comes from Arpad Goretity (a.k.a H2C03). Arpad has recently developed an Automatic Diction tweak via the Big Boss repository to Cydia. It is once again worth noting that these are not meant to replace Siri. Even the description by the developer is that it provides Siri like emulation with an ease of use that comes with user defined Activator gestures.

The Automatic Diction tweak in itself provides the part-solution by allowing the user to begin diction, share, or post to Facebook, and/or twitter, copy text to pasteboard and allow the sending of text messages by setting User defined Activation modules.

Here’s a demo put up by our comrades at iDownloadBlog:

This excellent tweak is available on the Big Boss Cydia repository now, completely free of charge. What is more, the source code of the whole tweak is available, again free of charge, at the developer’s github page. Of course one little catch to using this tweak is that you must have a jailbroken iPhone to use it.

Farrukh Zafar

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  • Rick Maahea

    I thought Apple decrypted the Siri Ramdisks, making it legal to port siri.