OnLive Cloud Gaming Coming to iPhone and iPad

December 9, 2011 — by Seuli B.0



OnLive Cloud Gaming Coming to iPhone and iPad

December 9, 2011 — by Seuli B.0

OnLive, the pioneering cloud gaming services entity has announced the arrival of its new app for the mobile phones and tablets; although there hasn’t been any official confirmation from Apple yet on its supposed approval for the iOS versions. However, there is already a lot of buzz since OnLive made their official announcement yesterday.

Available previously only to PC, Mac and OnLive console owners, the app now eyes to make cloud game streaming service accessible to the iDevices as well. Its known to all, OnLive effectively harnesses the power of the cloud to deliver high-end games instantly on demand over the Internet, and that too seamlessly with a streaming video.

Although, Apple iPhone is already serving as a games console for many of its users; statistics indicating an average 14.7 hours a month ‘game time’ for an average iPhone owner; the new OnLive app will definitely open up more options. This app creates far better graphics than any other tablet or smartphone – since the processing happens on servers ‘in the cloud’.

OnLive for the iPhone and iPad means that almost all 200 of the service’s library of console quality titles will be playable via the $50 OnLive wireless controller; while 25 console titles have been ported to the smaller screen with touchscreen controls. So, with the OnLive service on, you can now use it to stream amazing and popular console quality games like Assassins Creed, L.A. Noire and other titles directly from the company’s servers – otherwise usually reserved for consoles like the PS3.

Impressive use of Cloud Technology

OnLive’s opting to use cloud technology is quite impressive considering the fact that it will now be able to stream games even better than Netflix streams movies.  Until now, the OnLive experience of gaming console has mostly been through PCs and Macs or TVs via a TV adapter; however, with this new development of opening up its services to iPhones and iPads, OnLive can reach out to individual users anywhere, anytime.

Again, besides being available to play over Wi-Fi, its compatibility with 4G LTE cellular service will enable full, HD-resolution, low-latency cloud gaming everywhere. This will allow OnLive available to play anywhere – indoors, outdoors or even on a speeding car on highways – bringing complete mobility to console-class gaming.

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To be made available as a free app on over 500 million mobile devices over Wi-Fi or mobile networks in the US and UK, OnLive will give you access to library of 150 high-end console games at a subscription of £6.99 a month. However renting a game for three days costs £3.99. The app comes with two free games – the crime thriller L.A. Noire, and Lego Batman.

According to OnLive press release, the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller will be available soon for purchase in the US and the UK, for $49.99 and £39.99 respectively.

We promise to keep you updated on the latest developments. BTW, do you think Apple should make OnLive available for the iPad and iPhone? Post your opinion soon; you need to make Apple hear!

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