Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems with iOS 5 Update

November 27, 2011 — by Seuli B.24



Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems with iOS 5 Update

November 27, 2011 — by Seuli B.24

iPhone Wi-Fi ProblemApple’s support forums are going berserk with complaints of Wi-Fi capabilities of Apple’s devices being affected owing to the iOS 5 update. Most of the complainants (although not all) are owners with the iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, who are complaining about broken connectivity, weak signal strength, and failure to connect via Wi-Fi. The iPad2 however, hasn’t seen any complainants till this news was drafted.

One of the most common grievance is of devices updated to the iOS 5 failing to connect to a WiFi network, often giving an ‘unable to connect’ message despite the fact that the WiFi network is working fine on other devices. Many users have otherwise complained of their Apple devices taking a very long time to connect in spite of detecting networks. Also once connected, it can take a while to be actually enabled to send and receive data.

Although the issue hasn’t received any confirmation from Apple Inc, the social media seems to be flooded with reports of this problem. One user has in fact reported uninstalling iOS 5 and returning to iOS 4.3 in a bid to get his work going temporarily. However, when he later tried re-upgrading to iOS 5, the problem with WiFi connectivity resurfaced.

It’s a fact that iOS 5 had problems with battery life as well as the invalid SIM error messages earlier. Although Apple has made an honest effort in doing away with these issues with successive update – iOS 5.0.1; the new found ‘Wi-fi connectivity’ issue is sure to create more woes for Apple in days to come.

Have you experienced similar problems to the ones mentioned above? Do let us know about it and also we’d like to know what device and which iOS version you have been using.

Seuli B.

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  • @rhobsonv

    Although my iPhone 4 seems to take a little longer to connect to wifi networks when the signal isn’t strong, all I can say for sure is that the iOS5 greatly improved the connectivity range of my iPhone.

  • Dix

    I have problems connecting to websites from my iOS5 iPhone 4S thru wifi even when my signal is strong, after a while, it timed out. I have tried moving my second router (Airport Express) closer to where I am, but getting the same problem. Since I updated to the latest version of iOS5, connection thru the wifi has gotten a lot better and reliable.

  • Faddish

    I have had problems with weak signal on my ipad2, I thought it was down to crap router but every other iOS device in the home iPhone 4s and 4, and both macs, MacBook black and MacBook pro are fine.
    Strange though as it only seems to be my router that I have a weak signal.

  • Bob Lynx

    My iPhone 4 connects to my wifi just fine. The problem is staying connected. I’m running iOS 5.0.1. But the problem began at the same time as my home button triple clicks when I pres it once ( iOS 4.0). I’ll gonna upgrade to an iPhone 4S and AirPort Extreme to see if that does anything for my wifi.

  • Dede

    I have noticed the drop of wifi on my iPhone4 beginning with the 5.01 update. The problem seems to be intermittent. After several attempts to solve the problem, from changing the router settings, turning off bluetooth, turning off cellular data and 3G. The ONLY thing that SOMETIMES works is tuning the phone completely off for at least 10 minutes and restarting keeping the cellular data/3G turned off. Apple please fix this, it’s most annoying.

  • Smith

    Major wifi connection issues on my iPad since upgrading to IOS 5.0.1. I have had pretty much all of the issues outlined in the article. I do not have these connection issues when using 3G so it must be a software glitch in 5.0.1. I wish Apple would at least acknowledge the issue.

  • Laura

    I am having home network connectivity issues since approximately two weeks and at one point of time it got resolved by shutting down the ipad. I have a setup of wired/wireless computers, an ipad/iphone and Voip phone on my home network. I had no idea about the ios 5 wifi issues and was going crazy trying to resolve the dropped internet/voice issues. I thought my son playing the Smurfs app was causing the network problems.(My son keeps turning the ipad back on to harvest potatooes and berries in the Smurfs app) . I am still trying to debug the problem, but for now will shut down the ipad (which has ios 5.0.1) for couple of days and see how it goes !

  • Layla

    Major wifi connection issues on my iPad since upgrading to IOS 5.0.1. I have had pretty much all of the issues outlined in the article. I do not have these connection issues when using 2 other devices. Apple: stop ignoring the hands that feed you!

  • virginia

    I just bought the iphone4s and am having serious wifi issues! I had the 1st generation iphone and it had no problems on wifi with the last ios. My ipad on last ios and my husbands iphone4 on last ios has no issues! It’s just my iphone 4s on ios5!! I finally upgrade and this is what happens!! I’m soo mad!!

  • Tania’s

    M husband and I both have iPad 2. I upgraded to ios5 and he hadn’t got around to it yet. I now have a horrible signal. I sat the two next to each other and he has 3 bars and I have a dot or no connectivity. I have to sit in the same room and the wifi router just to get 2 bars. This is insan. I want to change to ios4 just to use the thing!

  • Kristoffer

    I upgraded to ios5 and instantly my connection died and even with alot of efforts and following all recommended actions my connection is still out. probably have to go back to 4.3 to make it work again

  • Jonas

    Arter updating to ios5 wifi connection drops from time to time and I have to switch the iPad off an back on again to resolve it. Updating to 5.0.1 did not improve things at all.

    I was hoping there would follow a new version quite quickly with a fix for this, but it doesn’t even seem as the problem has been acknowledged by apple yet… It is more than a little annoying and I am really starting to regret the change from 4.3.

  • Dave Marshall

    thanks for the info. i just got my new 4s and thought it was me. its just crap and wont connect to wi-fi no matter what i do. have other 2 other i phone 4 and 2 ipad 2s which work fine. will apple listend and do something.

  • Michael

    My iPad 1 hasn’t been able to access the net after the update. Rarely after some time does it even connect to the network. I guess I will have to downgrade it and hope for the best.

  • Erne

    There are so many of us with the same types of problems with our connections after the IOS 5.0.1 update.

    There should be something we can do as a collective group.

  • unimolecular

    I have updated my son’s ipad 1 from ios 3.2 to 5.01. I have since then lost access to internet. It seems that the ipad is connecting to the router (Apple airport extreme) but unable to get an ip address and the wifi icon doesn’t appear on the toolbar. I also created a network using my MacBook, the ipad connects to this network but still no ip assigned and no wifi signal icon appearing. So obviously this is not due to my router but to something in ios 5.01! All Macbooks, iMacs and iPhones are properly working on our home network. This is very frustrating to me and my son, I wish I have never upgraded!!!!

  • Layla

    I regret that I did the update Is it possible to downgrade back to 4.3 on the original iPad? If so, can someone tell me the easiest way to do so?

  • Lynn Trull

    I am running iOS 5.0.1 and I am connecting fine but it’s taking a very long time to access webpages and apps over my wifi network. My other computer that is connected on the same wifi network processes fast but the iPhone isn’t. Please reply with a fix or do an update. Thanks

  • John Arguello

    I have a launch iphone 4s. I thought that I was having internet connectivity issues. I fought with my phone company for months about not having internet. Every time I connect either my phone via WiFi or the computer that I use for syncing, the router shuts off as if it’s not getting a signal. Even the wired connections show no connectivity. I’m wondering if there are any viruses that behave like this (I use a PC) or cause this kind of issue and, if so, is the 4s susceptible to it?

  • kay tanner

    iphone 3gs. OS 5.1. Have had connectivity issues with wifi for over 2 months! Can only pick it up at work where there must be a super strong
    signal. Can’t get it at home (occasionally there is a weak momentary signal) or out and about any more. Doesn’t detect any signals. My husband has the same phone and updates and has no issues. If I didn’t have an unlimited data plan, I’d be screwed. Data usage has gone through the roof. Have tried every fix out there other than reflow.

  • Sheldon

    after making the IOS 5 update I can no longer access the internet. I see there are many comments in regards to this but no fixes. Does anyone gave a solution to the problem? Turning it on and off does not work.


    I have recently updated to 5.0 and wished I hadn’t .I have just the first addition 16gb wifi ipad and for the 18 months never had any problems with the WiFi,if i did it was due to the router…
    That was till now,my ipad drives me insane.
    on\off intermittent internet,AND YET every other wireless item is running fine so cannot blaime router\provider .
    I Can even be sat next to router and still have the same problem…
    So I infact end up using my old faithful iPhone 3gs or normal windows laptop.
    Had been looking to upgrade to newer model but at this rate don’t think i will bother.

  • K

    Have a iPhone 3Gsi, installed the iOs5 upgrade and I could not connect to my home wireless network.

    I reconfigured my wireless network for grins and giggles. All other devices, 2 laptops, Kindle, Nook….all connected no problem.

    On iPhone, went to Settings and saw my wireless network available with strong signal but it would not connect. Tapped the blue circle with the white arrow on it to the right of my network name and tapped FORGET THIS NETWORK.

    Once I did that, I was able to connect to my home wireless network.

    Hope this solution will help others out there because it sure is not listed on Apple’s site anywhere that I could find.

  • Sue

    I upgraded my ipad 3 and now unable to connect to internet. How can I undo the upgrade if I can’t connect to the internet? I hope Apple or someone can help me… TY