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Your Secretary Didn’t Show Up In Office Today? Use Siri For Voice Dictation

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AppsiPhoneTips & How-to

Your Secretary Didn’t Show Up In Office Today? Use Siri For Voice Dictation

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This handy tip was first reported by Tuaw and claims that the dictation is fairly accurate. The Mobile Mouse Pro app transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into an in air, wireless remote for your computer or Mac. It can not only double up as your computer’s mouse and keyboard, but also dictate text. The prerequisites – You need to have the Mobile Mouse app installed on your iPhone 4S and the Mobile Mouse server installed on your Mac/ computer. The trick is to have the cursor pointing to a text field, and then clicking on the dictation button on your iPhone’s keyboard to use Siri to dictate texts directly to your Mac using Mobile Mouse.

While the dictation isn’t perfect, it’s quick and undoubtedly the cleverest use of Siri till date. Does it pose a threat to the several speech recognition and dictation iOS apps out there – I’d say ‘No’ but it’s a good alternative for iPhone users who don’t want to spend a fortune purchasing high-end apps.

Besides dictation, Mobile Mouse offers a remote file browser, supports multi-touch gestures, media keys, numeric keyboard and hot-keys to run different apps.

So, the next time your secretary takes an unplanned leave, you can use Siri to dictate directly to your Mac or computer. Isn’t that cool?

Gaurav Kheterpal

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    great use of siri!