AirportZoom Brings Real-time Flight Updates and Tracking to iPad

November 23, 2011 — by Seuli B.1



AirportZoom Brings Real-time Flight Updates and Tracking to iPad

November 23, 2011 — by Seuli B.1

With iPads becoming an integral part of your life and every businessman’s window to the outside world, an app appropriately designed to assist air travelers worldwide is nonetheless a blessing. FlightStats, one of the leading providers of flight information services has launched a free application, AirportZoom App for iPad that will keep you up-to-date with the current flight status, maps for airport navigational assistance, and tools for finding the nearest and best concessions, services and amenities.

FlightStats is considered to be one of the premier flight information service providers with a comprehensive global database, globally acknowledged for its accuracy, latest updates and complete flight tracking and current airport conditions. The number of airports for which you’ll find airport maps and interactive services and amenities listings will continue to grow over the life of the application.

Features: At a Glance

AirportZoom App for the iPad promises to make your airport experience and travel less-stressful and hassle-free. Not only does it helps you navigate seamlessly within any airport, irrespective of if that is your first visit, AirportZooms App helps you find your gate and the nearest concessions, services and shopping too. The app keeps you updated on:

– Detailed flight status on individual flights

– Flight arrival and departure status for all major airports

– all the arriving and departing flights on a map

– Airport terminal maps for more than 120 airports- Airport delays and weather at both arrival and departure airports

– FlightStats TripTalk messages covering issues at the airport, security alerts, weather warnings, transportation issues, parking and traffic alerts and more.

– help find your gate location on a map

– find restaurants, bars, and other services and amenities for many major airports

– first-hand reviews and details on airport services and amenities

AirportZoom App for iPad

With over 5 million unique monthly visitors to its websites and mobile apps, FlightStats’ AirportZoom App is slated to be one of the most reliable, user-friendly and trusted flight and airport information resource. Offered free to travelers, this app is supported with sponsored advertisements.

Moreover, FlightStats’ CEO Jeff Kennedy is hopeful that this new iPad app with usher a new beginning and change the way travelers interact with airports and airlines. It is also a powerful tool for those holiday travelers dealing with fight disruptions, so as to stay updated in real-time of flight status, service and amenities available at the airport and weather conditions.

Do you think AirportZoom App for the iPad will improve air travel experience? Do let us know if you have  downloaded the app?

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  • Suzie34

    Since my I pad has been updated to iOS 9 airport zoom does not work help