Manage Your Personal Finances with Mint iPad app

November 9, 2011 — by Seuli B.1



Manage Your Personal Finances with Mint iPad app

November 9, 2011 — by Seuli B.1

Do you often miss paying your bills on time or overspend and cross your credit limit? How often have you found managing your personal finances quite stressful amidst your busy schedule? Well, if this is you regular lifestyle scenario, check out Mint– a new iPad app developed to manage personal finances; now available at the iTunes App Store.

Mint iPad app can be your one-stop solution that allows you to track and budget your expenses; besides managing your finances in a transparent and professional way, so that you know, understand and decide on your spending and savings. But remember, Mint is a “read-only” service. It allows you to organize and analyze your finances; however, nor you or anyone else can make any transactions within or outside your account using Mint.

Mint app available for both iPhone and the iPad offers to make managing your money a simple and seamless process that initiates with opening an account, to which you add your bank, credit, loan and retirement accounts and voila! Mint will automatically pull in all records and categorize your transactions.

Mint iPad App Features – At a Glance

Consolidated Financial References:  You can see your entire consolidated balances and transactions together on your iPad courtesy the Mint app.

Customized Budget – Mint keeps a check on your spending and lets you know how much more you can spend, by creating customized budget based on your actual spending.

Easy-to-use Graphs – Clear graphical illustration to demonstrate the actual transactions performed, so as to give you a transparent picture of your spending and your net worth.

Safety & Security – Besides your app being passcode protected with a unique 4-digit PIN, it also ensures prevention of unauthorized access to Mint on your iPad with just one click. All data is protected and validated by VeriSign and TRUSTe. Also, if you lose your device or even temporarily misplace it, all you need to do is simply deactivate mobile access from your profile page.

Easy Access – You can access Mint anywhere and everywhere from your iPad, iPhone and the Web. Not only does your information automatically sync across devices saving your time; it also keeps you aware and up-to-date about the latest revolving your finances, at your fingertips.

Alerts & Reminders – Mint app for your iPad keeps you informed with the latest alerts and reminders on every aspect of your finances, based on the feed in your account. This is indeed you perfect money manger that monitors your cash flow, get bill reminders, alerts and advice sent right to your device and help you avoid late fees too.

See it in Action

[youtube id=rK6WLHNYjwM]

Mint iPad app is the latest offering from the, a pioneering and acclaimed online finance tracker. Mint has also tasted success with their apps launched earlier for the iPhone and Android phones; although as of now it supports financial institutions only in the United States and Canada.

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