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iPhone Home Button Not Working? Assistive Touch can be the Workaround

November 6, 2011 — by Simon Ng54


iPhoneTips & How-to

iPhone Home Button Not Working? Assistive Touch can be the Workaround

November 6, 2011 — by Simon Ng54

iPhone Home ButtonObviously, the Home button is the most-frequently-used button on iPhone. It’s not uncommon the home button becomes less sensitive after extensive use. In worst case, the home button is completely not working. The best way to fix the issue, if your iPhone is still under warranty, is to bring the device back to Apple Store and repair it.

However, it takes time to repair your phone. What if you need to use your iPhone to handle some urgent issues? Here we would like to show you a way to workaround the home button issue.

In any case your home button becomes less sensitive or is even broken, the Assistive Touch feature in iOS 5 may work as an interim solution. The Assistive Touch is one of the accessibility features that helps people with disabilities experience using the iPhone. That said, the feature can serve as a workaround when your home button is broken.

How To Enable Assistive Touch to Access Home Button from Screen

First, go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility. Scroll down to find the “AssistiveTouch” option. Tap on it and set the “AssistiveTouch” option to ON.

iOS 5 AssistiveTouch Option

Once you activate the option, you’ll find a transparent button at the lower-right corner of the screen. Tap on it to bring the touch menu.

iOS 5 AssistiveTouch Touch Button

You’ll see the “Home” button option that provides the same function as the physical home button.

iOS 5 AssistiveTouch Home Button

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If you find this tip useful, you may want to check out our iPhone Handbook app that covers more iOS 5 tips.

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of simonblog.com

  • Ken

    this is why I subscribe to your newsletter, Simon! Keep them coming! very useful feature for me even though my Home button is working fine.

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  • Claire


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  • dichoz

    good feature..

  • Britt

    Thank you so much!!! My phone has been muted for weeks! This got it off!!!

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  • Willy

    Thank you. It solved my problem.

  • David

    EXCELLENT !! I have been searching for an alternative way to access the home screen since the home button doesn’t work. Thank you !!

  • Lars


  • Philip

    wwooooooo… my grilfriend just get smile after fixed!
    by Philip 😀

  • toniann

    thank you so much I have finally found a solution that works 😀

  • popcorn

    Hi, any idea how to restart an iphone if the power button is not working? Do I have to let the battery get to 0% then charge the phone? Does it work this way?

    • iphoneuser

      You use the lock screen option on the assistive touch and hold it until asks you to slide to switch phone off.

      • Debbie

        Once u have turned it off by holding down the lock screen icon how are u able to turn it back on?
        Don’t want to go ahead and slide and switch off if I cant get it back on.

        • Zach

          Just plug it into any power source and it’ll turn on

  • Monica

    THANK YOU!!! This really helped me.

    I also found that if the little Assistive button is in the way, you can drag it to another spot on your screen.

  • jez

    brilliant! great fix thank you!

  • Terra


  • Tina

    🙂 Thank U !!

  • catrina

    does it work with iphone 3g also?

  • Ea

    Is the an assistive touch for ios 5.0.1?

  • gilatpr

    I had the same issue but instead of doing what you said I used a dab of DeOxit onthe home button, I then pressed the button many times and after a couple of minutes the product found its way in and viola it’s fixed! Cleaned up the mess with a napkin. This worked for me but maybe not for you, who knows. just my 2 cents.

  • Vanessa

    I can’t find this setting on my phone what sobi do?

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  • Naresh

    Hi i’m using Iphone 3GS with IOS 4.3.2, do i need to upgrade the IOS to get this feature.

  • Sonia

    AMAZING, solved my problem! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

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  • Prasad

    Many thousands of thanks to you. You really saved my phone.

  • manish

    i m using iphone 3g and there is no option of Accessibility
    pls help me out of it

  • Nico

    very helpful .. thank you 🙂

  • Wendy

    Absolute genious!!

  • Susan

    Only thing that worked!! Thx so much.

  • Mary Dixon

    this is just what I needed. I need more great tips and will be looking at your site very often. this tip saved me a trip to the Apple store and all that madness.

    • Jenny

      Thank you! I’ve been browsing around looking for a solution. This actually worked as a great alternative fix to replacing the home button completely. THANKS!

  • Help! How do I get to settings when I can’t use the home button? Thanks!

  • Sorry. Never mind. I just turned the phone off. Sigh. All set! Thank you SO much!!

  • Haris

    Assistive Touch feature should also be provided for the iphone 3g. is there any way i can have this feature in my iphone 3g ios 4.1????

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  • Mildred Po

    Please help me to have assistive touch im using iphone 3gs.. If i ugrade it to Ios 5.1 will i have it?.

  • Hannah

    Thank you SO. MUCH. My home button is a lot less sensitive lately so I’ve been mashing on it harder to get it to register (which is probably just exacerbating the issue) and I’ve been terrified that it’ll stop working and I’ll be stuck. I had no idea this feature existed and am thrilled that there’s such a simple solution. Thank you, thank you!

  • Oswald

    Tried a number of things, including this suggestion. It worked intermittently, so I reverted. However finally I tried Windex, and that seems to be holding. Will keep monitoring.

  • M


  • Ng Yan Ting

    I’m using Iphone 3g … any suggestion other den goin to fix the home button?

  • Caity


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  • Darren

    That is the best answer on the net to a non working home button. Free and will see me through to upgrade. Thanks.

  • tommy

    thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!! best tip on the whole damn internet!

  • Silversurfer

    Mostly the reason for a non working home button is dirt
    disturbing the contacts…

    you can find a lot of crazy solutions in the web – a view
    months ago i found http://ifixthebutton.com

    it really helped me…my HB is working now for months

    Without sending my phone in or open it

  • skandoqueen

    Thank you, my 22 month old got hold of my phone and turned off the assistive touch. A helpful guy in the Storm centre in Exeter put it on there for me, so when my daughter turned it off I found your page which easily helped me to return it. Im not good with techy things so your guide was fab, thank u.

  • Louis245

    Usually, people discard their iPhones and settle for their old phones. They wait for the next generation of the iPhone to come out instead of buying a new one because it is a hefty investment for a gadget. Another option is to repair it themselves. The last option is to take it to a repair shop. There are many DIY kits that allow you to replace your cracked iPhone screen. Before you make a purchase, make sure that you know the right part to buy. These repair kits are usually non-refundable and cannot be swapped.

  • Gideon

    Thank you very much. My home button is not working. But your post helped me 🙂

  • Keala

    Hello ,
    My home button won’t work and I went to turn assist ice touch on but it won’t let me at all , help?

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