Siri Ported to iPhone 4 but not Fully Functional

October 16, 2011 — by Farrukh Zafar0

iPhone 4S Siri2 days ago we told you about the chances and progress of a Siri port to iPhone 4 and other pre-iPhone 4S devices was, and voila, today we’re telling you that the Siri port has actually been done! Thanks to an Irish iOS developer, Steve Troughton, who has come out of nowhere on the hacking scene and has taken everybody by surprise by his successful Siri port. Not to forget, iH8Sn0w and others were already on to the job but Troughton has been the first to show us the demonstration of the Siri port!

Have a look at the demo after the break!

[youtube id=N-OnZCywaII]

Well, did you note the Cydia icon? Obviously that this hack requires a jailbroken iOS device. What’s interesting is the fact that the video which we’ve embedded above is of Troughton’s second demo that was uploaded on YouTube. The first one to hit the web demoed a pretty laggy and slowish port which is obvious because of the lack of dual core processor in iPhone 4, which its successor, iPhone 4S has.

But Apple Doesn’t Recognize Spoken Commands from iPhone 4

As far as the performance is concerned, though Apple’s servers are still unreachable, contrary to the earlier shortcomings such as an iPhone 4 GPU driver, that was making the entire phone lag, but fortunately, that has been fixed and the phone is now smooth as butter. However, the spoken commands are not being recognized by Apple servers as far as the current progress is concerned because Apple’s servers won’t care to authenticate and accept Siri voice input commands coming from any iOS device other than iPhone 4S.

Want more stuff related to this port? Well, we’ve got a few screen shots up for you at the end of the post which you can have a good look at. It’s just a matter of time that we might have the entire mod available on Cydia and every iPhone 4 user may get a chance to joke around proudly and mock at the 4S users that they almost wasted their money for something that could actually be taught to the old phone too. ‘One more thing (Steve Jobs style)’, Siri port for iPad 2 is also in the works! Here’s the tweet from the hacker/developer who’s working on it!

Here's all the Siri UI on the iPhone 4:

Here's all the Siri UI on the iPhone 4 (note Cydia icon): Here's all the Siri UI on the iPhone 4 (note Cydia icon):


All image credits to the developer himself, Steve Troughton!

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