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iOS 5 Camera Enhancements You Should Know About

October 15, 2011 — by Simon Ng4


iPhoneTips & How-to

iOS 5 Camera Enhancements You Should Know About

October 15, 2011 — by Simon Ng4

Camera LogoWith over 200 features coming with the iOS 5, the enhanced Camera app bundles some of my favorite improvements. You may already know that iOS 5 lets you launch the camera right from the lock screen. However, the camera improvement doesn’t end here. It comes other minor features that you may not know about.

So here we put up a shortlist of camera enhancements that you should know about:

Access Camera App from Lock Screen

You no longer need to unlock your iPhone before accessing the Camera app. Now with iOS 5, when you are in the lock screen, double-tap the home button and you’ll find a camera button next to the unlock slider. Simply tap on the camera button and access the Camera app to take picture directly.

Lock Screen Camera Button

Take Pictures Using Volume-Up Button

Similar to the SnapTap hack for jailbroken iPhone, you can now use the volume-up button as a shutter button. When the Camera app is set to video mode, you can also use the volume buttons to capture video.

Camera Volume Up Button

Use Your Headset as Remote to Take Pictures

Not only you can use the iPhone’s volume-up button to take picture, what’s interesting is iOS 5 allows you to the volume buttons (+ / -) of headset to take photos or capture video.

Camera Headset Remote

Grid for Better Control

To help you take great photo, you can enable camera grid for more precise focus and accurate control. In Camera app, tap the “Option” button and switch ON the “Grid” option to enable the grid.

Camera Grid OptionCamera Grid

Lock Auto Exposure & Auto Focus

Use your finger and tap over a part of the scene for a few seconds, the Camera app will set AE/AF lock. Just tap on the screen again to disable the AE/AF lock. The AE lock is particularly useful when you want to lock-in the auto exposure and white balance.

Camera AE AF Lock

Swipe and Access the Camera Roll

iOS 5 lets you easily access your camera roll from Camera app. When taking photo in Camera app, simply swipe your finger from left to right to bring the camera album roll up. To go back to camera mode, swipe your finger from right to left to switch back. Alternatively, single tap on any photo and you can tap on the camera button to return to camera mode.

Camera Quick Access Button

What do you think about these camera enhancements? Any other camera improvements you wish Apple to implement? Leave us comment and share your thought.

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of simonblog.com

  • Neca

    Does not work on the iPad 2.

  • Great information. I think Apple has covered all the features. It is very helpful for me, at least

  • tivoboy

    nice list of things, hopefully, we’ll find even more stuff hidden.

  • saad

    how can we disable the camera clicks sound ?