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October 9, 2011 — by Simon Ng5

iPhone 4SWhat do you think about iPhone 4S? This is a guest post by Nadia Jones who shared with us her opinion about the new iPhone.

In about the last four months, the internet has been practically bleeding hype over the prospect of the new up-and-coming iPhone, which everyone at the time thought would be the iPhone 5. It’s actually quite comical how convinced most people were that the next iPhone would be the iPhone 5.

Even more comical, since Apple released the iPhone 4S (and didn’t release the iPhone 5), many people are disappointed that there wasn’t an iPhone 5. And as far as many experts can tell, most of the disappointment seems to stem purely from Apple’s marketing strategy. If they had named it the iPhone 5, Apple may have not experienced a 5 percent drop in share value on Wall Street. In other words, the iPhone 4S is a great phone that will compete at the top of the mobile market (and this is coming from an Android user); at the moment it only suffers from over-hype.

The Improvements

Despite all the “disappointment” surrounding the launch, the iPhone 4s, there are quite a few mouthwatering specs incorporated into this new phone:

  • Maximum storage has increased to 64 GB.
  • CPU core has been upgraded to the Apple A5 Dual Core, with reportedly 2X faster CPU speeds and up to 7X faster graphics.
  • Improved Ram from 512 MB to 1 GB.
  • Better Rear Camera with 8.0 MP quality and with an improved lens that can reach a f/2.4 aperture (huge for low-light photography and better than most point-and-shoots).
  • Improved HD Video from 720p HD to 1020p HD.

In addition to these nice updated specs was another promising feature called Siri, a new iPhone 4S feature that completes tasks by talking to it. In the demonstration, Siri seemed capable of parsing natural human language (like “What’s the weather like today?”) as opposed to simple commands (like “Weather … today”). This is nothing completely groundbreaking, but an Apple-refined voice feature for your phone is definitely something to be interested in.

What Seemed to Be Missing

I think one thing that left a lot of people wanting more was a redesign. The iPhone 4 has been out for almost a year and a half, and I think current owners were hoping to upgrade to something exciting and new. Instead, they get the same device with better performance and a better camera. A bigger screen would have also been a huge plus. With many 4.3 inch Android devices dominating the market, a 3.5 inch iPhone 4S is simply not as appealing.

Also, the lack of 4G LTE capabilities might be a deal breaker for some techies wanting the fastest, best technology available. Android has had 4G phones on the market for about half a year now, and the iPhone 4S still doesn’t have this capability? Granted, it does have download speeds capable of rivaling 4G phones, but will it work practically for carriers? Also, while these specs are definite improvements over the iPhone 4, they don’t exactly blow the competition out of the water. It’s hard to think that the iPhone 4S will stay competitive for more than a few months.

Do you agree with Nadia? What’s your thought about iPhone 4S? Leave us comment or send us email to share your thought.

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  • Russell

    There is a rumor that the iphone 5 will be out soon. —Just kidding. I actually agree a lot with Nadia. If they had named it the “5”, it would have been less of a disapointment.

    I like the specs of the 4s, but I won’t be upgrading from the 4 to get it.

  • kaylene

    i dunno man, i knew it will not be iphone 5 coz i thought they already said they will release 4S or something 1st. i vaguely recalled reading an article saying 4S will be cheaper coz its gonna be available in 8GB or something but apparently its not true. but yes i do agree with nadia. being an user of 3GS (yes, still!) it has lots of reasons for me to upgrade. im seriously looking forward to a faster processor coz my 3GS 8GB crashes really often. its annoying.

  • Gravemind2401

    it should be 1080p not 1020p. also the 1gb ram hasnt been confirmed yet.

    i dont see how a 4 inch screen is a plus in any respect, it reduces battery life, reduces DPI (making retina not look as good), breaks easier and your thumb cant reach across the screen (it also requires a bigger phone body making it more-or-less ugly depending on point of view). also, i dont see why people are disappointed with no redesign. the iphone 4 was a beautiful phone and the 4S carries on this image.

    plus: i really dont like the teardrop idea that was floating around for the iphone 5 anyway, its not very aesthic, nor is it ethical. it would be awkward to hold and would break extremely easily.

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  • Russell

    Well said.

    I agree that the larger screen doesn’t matter a lot to me. I love having a faster processor, a better camera. The battery seems to be getting better and better—-uuugh finally, so if more battery life means a keeping the same case—I’m all for that.

    The best thing……the non-redesign. I love the size and shape of the iphone4. Now I can upgrade and not worry about buying a new carrying case and other accessories.