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September 23, 2011 — by Gaurav Kheterpal5

VideoGet - Download Facebook VideoI love watching videos on Facebook. In fact, I hardly visit YouTube for watching videos anymore. While there’s an iPhone app for YouTube, I always wished for a Facebook videos app which would display only Facebook videos and cut the crap on status updates, likes and other features in which I’m least interested. I recently came across the VideoGet for Facebook iPhone app and I must admit it’s pretty close to what I had in mind as the perfect Facebook video watching app.

VideoGet claims to provide access to over 40 million Facebook videos. Once installed, the app shows the following splash screen.

The app has the following tabs – Search, Bookmarks, Downloads, Web & Settings. The Search tab lets you search for videos based on specific keywords. By default, it opens a list of most popular Facebook videos as shown below.

VideoGet Screenshot

For each video, you can choose from the following options – bookmark it, download it, copy the link or share it via email.

The Bookmarks tab lets you view your favorite videos for one-click viewing. If you do not have any bookmarks, it will show the bookmark list as empty.

Similarly, the videos that you downloaded can be accessed through the Downloads tab as shown below.

The Web option lets you login to Facebook. The Settings tab lets you upgrade to the full version, rate the app, share the app with your friends and access various support options.

I watched a number of Facebook videos using the VideoGet app over both 3G and Wi-Fi. Generally, it loaded them pretty quickly. All in all, a decent app which works as expected. However, I’d like it to be further enhanced to provide information on what videos my Facebook friends have watched. It would be awesome if it also allowed Facebook friends to watch videos and chat simultaneously.

The full version ($1.99) of VideoGet has no download limits and displays a larger number of video search results. It has no advertisements and lets users watch and download videos in HD quality. I’d strongly recommend you try out the LITE version. If you like it, the full version of VideoGet at $1.99 is a pretty good deal.

Gaurav Kheterpal

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